In the constant search for our origins, the kitchen recovers the prominence of yesteryear; for this, it gains in meters and exhibits dining rooms suitable for the whole family. Rare is the house where the kitchen is not also used for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. Whatever the style and size of your kitchen, you will see that you can install a dining room to take advantage of the space and make it more functional.Therefore, Wayfair invites you to check out the latest collection in the kitchen and dining category. Here is a surprise Wayfair discount code

Let’s get the décor! 

The kitchens, nowadays, are the true center of the meeting. And this is due to several changes. First of all, the kitchens are open. Increasingly we see in the houses that the reform works are focused on opening the kitchen to the living room so that in the same space, we coexist while some cook and others rest on the sofa. 

In recent months (a year already!) of the pandemic, we have lived much more at home, and the common areas have had to adapt to the family’s daily activities: teleworking, virtual classes, Zoom meetings, etc. So the kitchen has also become an office or study area. So whoever did not have a table in the kitchen has surely bought one to create those new work and homework areas. 

A stylish dining kitchen 

At present, dining kitchens are becoming more and more common. In some cases, daily dining rooms are integrated into the kitchen; in others, we see small dining areas as secondary dining rooms. The truth is that, be that as it may, these two rooms are seen together in many houses, even in decoration magazines—this time we want to give you some ideas to get a stylish dining kitchen. 

First of all, note that functionality must prevail in a kitchen-dining room. Of course, if we like decoration and our environments look good, there is much to do, whether a small or large kitchen-dining room.  

12 kitchen with dining décor ideas for all tastes 

A dining room in the kitchen is possible, even in the smallest kitchens; you cannot imagine the functionality of folding tables. Do not miss the exciting offers on the Wayfair discount code. 

  1. Stealing a country look 

We especially like the dining rooms in the kitchens of country houses, which are also the most enjoyed since country houses are usually vacation homes, which is when we spend more time cooking and enjoying lunch and dinner in good company. But also the kitchens of flats in the cities, as we said before, house functional dining rooms for daily breakfasts, snacks for the kids, and family dinners. 

  1. Colors and materials  

The dining room you set up must maintain the aesthetic line of the kitchen. Think about how you will combine the colors and materials of the kitchen furniture with those of the dining room. They can have the same style or create a successful contrast. Imagine how it would look in an industrial-style kitchen where steel surfaces predominate with a rustic wooden dining table. Ideal, right? 

Get inspired by the kitchen décor at Wayfair with a dining room to set up a space that suits you. Enjoy exclusive deals on the Wayfair discount code. 

  1. A rustic table set 

The dining table decor is possible and easy to achieve if it is kept dressed. For this, linen tablecloths in neutral tones are great due to their elegance and versatility; Another option is to opt for table runners in specific places. As a complementary decoration, fresh flowers during the day and some candles at night would suffice.  

  1. White kitchen with dining area and checkerboard floor 

An evocative Provencal inspiration imbues this kitchen with charm and warmth, which emulates those of old country houses. From the checkerboard floor to the wooden windows or the built-in hood reinforce this feeling; although the main piece is, without a doubt, the large dining room equipped for six people with chairs and tableware and a solid wood table is ideal. Unlock the Wayfair discount codehere. 

  1. A white and wood kitchen 

A suggestive contrast of finishes and styles breaks the monotony in this attractive environment. It is an excellent proposal to clear the center by attaching the furniture to the walls. The free space shared half between an island equipped with a cooking area, and a beautiful dining room is a thoughtful choice. 

  1. Kitchen with views of the garden 

Whenever the kitchen layout allows it, the dining table should be close to a natural light source. The fusion can be achieved thanks to a glass enclosure with a wooden frame, guaranteeing visual amplitude and luminosity. Buy lamps and ceiling shades. Use the Wayfair discount code. 

  1. A modern and functional kitchen 

The choice of low backless stools to accompany the table allows them to be hidden under it while they are not needed, which frees up the space around them and facilitates the normal movement of the kitchen. It is a very interesting proposal for kitchens with a square floor plan with free space in the center. The key to integrating the furniture is to choose it in the same finishes and colors as the rest of the cabinets. Buy table and stools, kitchenware and glasses with a Wayfair discount code. 

  1. Dining room with showcase 

The Do it Yourself trend reaches every room in the house. Why not in the kitchen? With a small investment, it is easy to give a new look to our office. Paint is the main ally. With it, you can update the appearance of wooden chairs and even dare to paint one of each color; it will be great. Choosing the rest of the white furniture is appropriate to avoid shrillness if you opt for this colorful idea. 

  1. Light materials 

This kitchen décor is an extended floor plan resolved with two opposite fronts that left a narrow corridor for the daily dining room. A rectangular table finished in steel, very current, and four chrome and methacrylate chairs were chosen as a solution. The idea is to achieve an environment of great lightness that would go almost unnoticed—discounts galore with the Wayfair discount code. 

  1. Kitchen dining open to the living room 

The statement of the kitchen with the living room through an open bay made possible the location of a single dining room valid for daily and formal meals. With this solution, the room is cleared, allowing several environments. A great idea to integrate the table in both spaces is to alternate chairs of different styles; ones made of rotating plastic, typical of the kitchen, and others made of wood, closer to the living room, give a surprising result. Fantastic offers on the Wayfair discount code. 

  1. Glazed kitchen with dining area 

A wooden partition with glass panels is an excellent option for visual unity between the kitchen and the office. If it is equipped with a passage door, both areas can be made independent to prevent the escape of smoke or the smell of food at specific times.  

  1. Kitchenette with breakfast bar 

No matter how small the space is, having an area for daily meals is practical and decisive. In the case of small kitchens, the best option is the bars that can be attached to the end of the worktop or the wall; the great advantage is that they can be ordered to the exact length and width of the space available. In this case, a simple cantilevered wooden shelf under the window and two bar stools form a nice little corner.  

  1. Kitchen with Multifunction Island 

The multifunction modules make up for the absence of meters in certain spaces with elegance and versatility. For the kitchen, for example, nothing like a well-equipped central island. It consists of three drawers and three cupboards on one side and, on the other, a folding worktop that, when opened, becomes a wonderful dining bar. It is also sold with two matching stools. Shop now and take advantage of our Wayfair discount code.  

  1. Combination Of Styles 

A suggestive eclectic dining room fills this simple kitchen equipped with smooth white laminate furniture with peculiarity. Without risking too much, an old solid wood table contrasted with the legendary chairs. A red metal lamp, marked retro air, completes the small office next to the window.  

  1. Install a kitchen bar 

Installing a kitchen bar is usually one of the most requested jobs in the small renovation sector. And it is a very good alternative for kitchens open to the dining room. This way, it is possible to separate both rooms while remaining the same visually. You may be interested in small kitchens with a bar. Here is the Wayfair discount code. 

  1. Glass enclosures 

Some people love kitchens integrated into the dining room, but not 100%. In other words, they agree that it looks like the same room, at least visually, but the smells and noises do not pass into the living or dining room area. One of the most requested jobs is glass or crystal enclosures. This way, it is possible to see from one side to the other, but the smells and noises remain in the kitchen. 

  1. Throw walls to integrate the kitchen into the dining room 

Finally, within the most requested kitchen reforms, we must mention the case of those clients who intend to integrate the kitchen by tearing down a wall. In some cases, they choose to remove the wall completely, while in others, they choose to remove it halfway, a matter of seeing from one side to the other. A good alternative for the latter case is to place an American bar on that wall at half the height. How about an American bar for the kitchen?  

If you like the most sophisticated solutions, there is one for you. In the Wayfair store online, we find infinity of multifunction furniture. Like the ones that serve as storage to store plates, glasses, and cups, and its lid becomes a small table. Order the most stylish pieces at a discounted price using theWayfair discount code. 

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