The marketing landscape has been evolving constantly as brands and marketers are constantly making unique efforts to lure consumers into their campaigns and convert them to customers.

But what has been constant in marketing and is the most important part of marketing campaigns is CONTENT. As this is what consumers see, explore, and engage with. Thus, the content needs to be exciting, informative, intriguing, and engaging.

User-generated content has been in the hype for brands to use in their campaigns as it presents a lot of opportunities for growth and success. So, here we have explained everything about user generated content and its use in marketing.

What Is User-Generated Content Marketing?

          To understand what UGC marketing is, we should first understand what exactly it is. User-generated content is basically any form of content that has been created and shared by the users on social media based on their real experiences, ideas, opinions, reviews, feedback, etc.

When talking about UGC marketing, user-generated content is the content created by users that is about the brands of its products & services or it relates to a brand or its image and quality.

As UGC is the real content that is shared by real people, it makes the content highly trustworthy, reliable, authentic, and credible. Thus, using it in marketing helps greatly in increasing trust, engagement, and conversions for the brands.

So, we have listed some of the benefits of UGC marketing for your ease & understanding.

UGC Marketing Benefits

1. Build Trust & Credibility

          The prime benefits of user-generated content for marketing are that it helps in building trust & credibility among the users for the brand. How does it do that?

Well! As the content is shared by real people or customers about their real experiences with the brand so the content helps in showcasing the real brand image, its product quality, etc. to the potential customers.

Real information helps in building trust and as it is shared by the customers so it builds credibility for the brand. Trust is hugely important in marketing as over 90% of the people tend to trust user-generated content while making their online purchase decisions.

2. Showcase Advocacy & Loyalty

          Brand advocacy can be understood as when the customers of a brand become the advocates for it taking the responsibility for brand products, services, quality, experience, etc.

When customers show their advocacy through content, it attracts potential customers to relate better with content. Also, it creates a hub of positive word of mouth about the brand on digital platforms.

This advocacy helps in showcasing the authenticity & loyalty community of customers for the brand that creates brand desirability as well among the potential customers as they also wish to associate themselves with the brand and reap the benefits.

3. Boost Interaction & Engagement

          Interacting and engaging with marketing campaigns has become extremely important for success and growth. User-generated content is the result of users’ engagement with the brands on social media & other digital platforms.

And as the UGC is leveraged in marketing, it also leads to encouraging users to create more and more user-generated content. So it can be understood that UGC marketing leads to more engagement thereby more UGC creation.

The engagement increases as the content are more realistic, exciting, diverse, relatable, and engaging. Therefore, users interact more effectively and engage with it.

As the trust increases over content & brand along with rewards & recognition provided by the brands for user engagement in their campaigns, it all leads to boosting engagement.

4. Original & Fresh Content Stream

          In marketing, as we discussed, content is of prime importance in this digital age, so it becomes essential that with the growing content consumption, brands should constantly deliver original, fresh, and unique content to their audience.

UGC is created and shared by users and these users spend a huge amount of time on social media & digital platforms that lead to constant content creation.

So, leveraging user-generated content ensures that you have a unique stream of valuable & relevant content that is original, organic, and fresh. This hub of content gives you the freedom to create engaging marketing campaigns to attract & engage your audience.

Tools like a UGC platform greatly help your brand & marketers in discovering relevant content, collecting this content & curating it into a feed that you can leverage on any marketing channel through the tool.

5. Increase Conversions & Revenue

          Conversions and revenue are the most important goals for any marketer & brand for their marketing campaigns. User-generated content is the perfect solution for this as it is more impactful & influential compared to other content forms.

As we mentioned most of the user’s trust UGC while making online purchases or when users look for reviews about products & services on eCommerce platforms or almost 8 out 10 people looking for UGC intently for gathering important information.

Thus, user-generated content is a huge influencer in driving conversions and sales even though the fact says that it helps in increasing conversions by up to 33% on average.

So, the increase in conversions & sales leads to raising revenue for the brand leading to an expansion of growth & success opportunities.


          These were some of the most important benefits of leveraging user-generated content in marketing. Nowadays, in this digital age, it has become more important in marketing to delight users & adds value to their knowledge & decision making. So, it is time for you to get started with UGC marketing and you can start it by identifying your UGC hubs on social media, using the UGC platform to collect & curate, and finally execute the campaigns using the tools or technologies.

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