New York is a popular state in the United States. Also, it is the greatest city in the world that is a hub for numerous tourist attractions. One can enjoy every kind of tourism here as they can have an opportunity to enjoy parks for recreational activities, visit the various historical buildings, sightseeing, and shopping. Mostly the best places in New York are at a walking distance to each other.

There are some newer attractions for the visitors that are opened in recent years. For instance, the high line and one world observatory. If you are looking for a cheaper option to visit New Your then its recommended to do American Airlines Reservations.

The famous tourist attractions of new york city are as follows:

Statue of liberty

Statue of Liberty is a monument in New York at the entrance of the New York City harbor. This statue is a symbol of independence. To build up friendship and harmony the people of France have given this gift to the United States back in the year of 1886. Every child and every adult knows about Statue of Liberty and that’s makes it the most recognizable statue in the world. Millions of visitors from the world have the curiosity to watch this monument once in their life. 

The Central Park of New york

It is a park with many attractions and it must be added to New York’s city itinerary if somebody is traveling to the city. It is a popular natural attraction that can be visited free of cost. This park is spread over an area of 4 kilometers and the main attractions of the central parks house the Ramble and Lake, sheep meadows, central park zoo, a nature sanctuary, and recreational center. This park is the 5th largest park in New York. There are a total number of 21 children’s playground which are present in this park. So you can visit the park if you are visiting New York with your children.

Empire State Building

The Empire state building is a 102 story building in the midtown manhattan in New York and is one of the world’s tallest buildings. This building is 444 meters tall and it was built in the year 1931. Empire state building is one of the world’s tallest buildings even after 40 years of its construction. This building is one of the seven wonders that is a cultural icon of the United States. Millions of visitors love to visit this place when they are doing a tour to New York City. There is a flexible ticket purchasing booth to visit this building, once it is purchased, then you can use the ticket to visit here for up to a year.

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The High line – An exciting attraction in New York

The High line is a new tourist attraction in New York that was constructed a few years back. The High line was a rail line that is transformed into a public park that has a large variety of trees and plants. The park is lined with grass railings that give a natural and amazing view of the city.

It’s a two-story architecture. Along with the linear path of the attraction, there is a sitting area and a glass wall from where one can look out onto the city. There are some more places that are within walking distance of the High line. These spots are the Whitney Museum and the Chelsea market that is the famous market in that area. Moreover, visitors can easily find restaurants and places for shopping over here. Visit this recently constructed tourist attraction by booking flights to United Airlines.

 Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest bridge that is present over the East River in New York. This bridge was completed in 1883 and it was the world’s first steel suspension bridge from where you can enjoy the numerous other attractions of the city.  This is a way for people who are cyclists and pedestrians. Moreover, people also use bikes to enjoy the view from the bridge. While the option of taking a bike to the bridge is not a good option as the bridge is always overcrowded with pedestrians and cyclists.

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