Before purchasing any product or service, you will contact customer service for questions during or after purchase. Thanks to the technological developments in communication channels, it is quite easy to reach customer service today.

Customer service not only provides information and solution support to customers about the product or service. It also creates an efficient customer analysis for companies. Analysis reports from customer service help companies identify areas to invest in.

When it comes to the company’s contribution and customer satisfaction, many companies are investigating how to use customer services more efficiently. For this reason, customer service technologies are improving day by day.

Especially on the recent use of chatbots and artificial intelligence in the field of customer service, many customer service employees are asking the same question: Will artificial intelligence and chatbots take our job from us?

We can answer this question as “No”; because every new technology that is coming is being developed in order to make customer service employees do their job more professionally. Yes, maybe your work habits may change over time. You may have to improve yourself for new tasks; however, this applies not only to the customer service industry but to every industry where technology has an impact.

In this article we have prepared for you, we are talking about 5 customer service technologies / Call center services that will improve and provide success in the next 10 years.

  1. Video talk cycle will reach higher levels

It is very important to have a reliable image for companies. Today’s call centers when Turkey comes to mind first in customer service technology, the statement said. Many call center employees work without sufficient knowledge, and sometimes you have to end your call without even answering your needs. Due to your experiences, you are thinking twice about the call center communication, or you are establishing a different communication.

In the future, it is thought that the call centers of the customer service will be communicating with video; In this way, you will have the opportunity to conduct mutual meetings. In this way, mutual interaction will create more confidence for the customer and the company. We also know that the person can express himself more clearly when eye contact is established. In this way, it is thought that mutual disputes will decrease.

Video customer service is a feasible and developable tool for marketers while creating a trust for customers. Many companies located abroad provide video calling service in customer service. The time to approach the screens from the back of the phones is getting closer to a more reliable and healthy customer service.

  • Real-time messaging will far outstrip email

Customer service is there to meet customer needs as soon as possible. Customers also apply to customer service to meet their needs as soon as possible. Then the solution is simple. With real-time messaging, the customer is happy and the customer service is doing its job.

With developing technology, the value of time is better known. For this reason, the faster the customer service performs the service it will provide, the more likely it will be to be preferred by the customers. By communicating with your customers faster, you will develop your own data and add value to your company and you will have a happier customer portfolio. The time to invest more in real-time messaging tools is getting closer.

  • Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence customer services are indispensable

Most of the boats used today are not supported by an artificial intelligence infrastructure. Many of the bots automatically answer questions from customers with the words they contain in their systems. While they can answer some customers’ problems, they cannot help some customers. In cases where they cannot help, they direct customers to call centers.

Your customer representatives may not be active at all hours of the day; however, bots can always work for you. In short, they are customer service supporters to provide solutions every hour.

In the next 10 years, the bots will be supported with artificial intelligence technologies and they will become analytical answers to your customers’ questions in voice and written form.

When we examine the IBM Watson used today, it is not difficult to predict that customer service bots will reach a very different point with artificial intelligence.

  • E-commerce customer service structure will change with Blockchain

We do not think that the crypto money market will bring a radical change; because when paying, paying with an alternative cryptocurrency instead of a Turkish lira will not make a big difference, but blockchain technology can automatically provide users with a customer-friendly smart contract.

Smart contracts are prepared with the support of artificial intelligence without needing manpower. It is foreseen by many experts that processes such as contract terms, payment enforcement, and execution processes will be controlled by blockchain structure and will make a great contribution to customer service in the future.

In this way, customer service will have the opportunity to further improve its structure in different areas by reducing the time it takes for payment and contract and by dealing with other issues.

One of the most important services for customer service is that they have a knowledge base with frequently asked questions and answers by customers. In this way, your customers will be able to quickly find the answers they are looking for without having to talk to customer service.

Imagine that the frequently asked questions field on your company’s web address works in a search engine function. Your customers will find answers to the questions they are looking for through this section. Starting preparations for more effective customer service and creating answers to your customers’ questions will benefit your company in the future.

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