Needle technology has evolved over the past decades. Earlier, needles and syringes were large, had to be sterilized before use, and sharpened by hand for reuse. For greater comfort and ease, needle today and engineered using electro-polishing technology for smoothness, contain fine ends for easy penetration, and plastic covers along with sterile packaging for safety. An alternate new technology that has picked up pace in the past few years is pen needles for injections, such as Easy Touch pen needles.

Pen Needles are a new age needle, used in conjunction with injection pens to inject fluids or medicines into the body. It consists of a hollow plastic hub with a needle mounted on top. This whole attachment latches onto an injection pen during use. They are available in several lengths, diameters, and can be administered by doctors, healthcare professionals, or patients. The most common application is seen with diabetic patients, who use it several times a day to inject their daily insulin doses. One such product widely used in the industry is the easy touch pen needles.

Some features of pen needles that optimize injection use include:

Bevel Design of Needle End: pen needles are shaped in a specialized bevel design (mostly 3 and 5 bevels) which promote comfortable and easy insertion of the needle

Lubrication: To help it glide smoothly into the skin, most manufacturers use a specialized lubricant on the needles

Electro-polishing: this helps give a smooth finish to the needle, removing all blemishes and uneven spots that could result during the manufacturing

Types of Pen Needles

Different manufacturers produce different designs and variants of pen needs, just as Easy Touch pen needles. Depending upon the technique of insertion used, different pen needle is recommended. Ranging from 4 mm, and going up to 12 mm, different needle length is recommended to different patients. For children and slim adults, the pinching technique is recommended. For most patients, a size between 6 mm and 8 mm works optimally. 

Two types of insulin pens are available in the market: disposable (prefilled) and reusable (durable). Made from metal parts, durable insulin pens are heavier and contain a cartridge of fluid/medicine that is removed and disposed of after use. Alternatively, in case of a prefilled pen needle, once the contents of the cartridge are finished, the entire system is thrown away. Patients with non-changing or stable glucose control regimes are often advised to opt for disposable pens. 

Benefits of Pen Needles

This engineering marvel called the pen needle became popular in a short period. Used by diabetic patients, pathology labs, and others, it is transforming to become the primary method of administering medicines to patients. The benefits of a pen needle such as Easy Touch pen needle are many:

  • Increased accuracy of repeated insertion/injection of medicines, especially in fixed regimes such as insulin pens, administered daily
  • Easier to use as the level of comfort is higher, and pain is lower
  • Easy to transport, store, and are discreet in their making
  • Very beneficial for patients with sensory or motor impairments, given their prefilled cartridge, easy administration, and high accuracy
  • Efficient for people on the move as vials, syringes, wrist bands, etc. are not needed
  • Since the fluid/medicine contents can be prefilled in the form of cartridges, the administration of medicine become easier
  • Some pen needles come with a system that records information on vitals, thus assisting the diagnosis (dosage date, the amount administered, time since the last dose, etc.)
  • They also come in universal sizes to fit in all types of systems
  • Time-efficient due to lack of separate vials and syringes, and the presence of a prefilled cartridge

With the many advantages, also come a few disadvantages. Changing medicine dosages, etc. are ruled out in due to prefilled cartridges. Also, some people find this system comparatively more expensive for daily usage.

Easy Touch Pen Needles

Committed to providing the highest quality of diabetic supplies to patients, Easy Touch stores curated the Easy Touch pen needles. These needles are made by some of the best engineering experts in the world, keeping in mind the industry standards followed by competitors, and the valuable feedback received from customers. Some highlight features of this needle include:

  • Universal fit for most pen administration systems
  • Securely attached needle, helping eliminate the needle pop off
  • Electropolished body for a smooth surface
  • Multi-faceted tip, with a coating of lubricant for a smooth and comfortable injection
  • Available in a variety of lengths and variants 
  • Comes in a box of 100 needles for long term usage
  • Disposable needles, not to be used more than once. Used needles may become bent, or dull, thus not suitable for reuse
  • Before altering the size, length or capacity of the needle, it is advised to consult with an expert

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