One of the best ways to keep your luxury windows looking pristine is regular maintenance. To help prolong your windows’ longevity, don’t wait until something breaks or needs to be repaired. Follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your windows in good condition. Whether the windows are new or have been there for some time, here is how to maintain luxury glass windows.

Tips to Maintain Luxury Glass Windows

Clean the Windows Properly

The most important thing you can do to maintain your luxury glass windows is clean them regularly. Regular cleaning helps prevent dirt and debris from accumulating. Grime, dirt, and dust can detract from the natural beauty of your windows and can also damage them in the long run. 

Keeping windows clean helps them last longer so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. Use a non-corrosive cleaner and a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving marks on the glass. This is also an easy, quick way to restore their vibrant shine.

If your home has large windows or even glass walls in some areas, these surfaces will require more thorough cleaning. Grime from dust, animals, and the weather can build up quickly, making it difficult to keep large windows spotless. 

For a deeper, more effective clean, use soap and water. A commercial window cleaning solution will do wonders for your luxury glass, keeping even large wall or frame areas looking clear and shiny. Avoid using soaps and solutions that may be corrosive to the glass.

Clean your glass windows at least twice every month. Scrub up and down in a vertical pattern to make sure that they stay in good condition.

Conduct Routine Inspection

Prevent any damage before it gets to a point where it becomes irreparable. Identify small damages and fix them once they begin to show to reduce the cost of calling a professional to repair the glass many times. 

Homeowners can check window seals for damages and buildup of debris. Look out for any condensation and remove the layers to observe if they are smooth.
For damages that a homeowner may not notice, it is helpful to have a professional do a routine inspection from time to time. They will examine every part of the windows, looking for signs of damage including: 
•    Signs of water damage 
•    Weather-stripping 
•    Broken locks, handles, and other hardware 
•    Cracks or chips in the glass
•    Worn-down coating on the glass frames

Lubricate the Tracks

Cleaning and lubricating the window tracks is another way to help prevent unwanted buildup or broken hardware. Lubricating the constituents of moving parts will help the windows open and close easily. 

Ideally, use a non-detergent lubricating oil to clean out the tracks and keep them smooth. You could also use a gentle soap, water, and a soft brush to clean any dust and dirt from the tracks, frames, and sills. 

Dust buildup is the most common cause of window sticking. Never try to force a window along its track if it is stuck, as this could crack the glass or damage the frame. To prevent windows from feeling stiff or tight, apply lubricating oil at least once a year in the spring. 

Keep the Windows Dry

When condensation builds up around the windows, it causes dampness that can damage the window frames and sills. An occasional layer of condensation is not dangerous; it’s normal for the weather to create condensation on glass windows. If you notice that your windows are constantly misty or damp, it is possible that there is too much moisture in your home’s air supply.

Regular air circulation can help clear up condensation. Open the windows on a breezy or warm day to let fresh air in and to dry out unwanted moisture. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to have more moisture in the air, so these rooms should definitely have ventilation systems for releasing moisture.

If airing out the house does not solve the condensation problem, you may want to try using a dehumidifier. When water seeps into window frames and sills, it can cause wood damage leading to mildew growth, eventually calling for window replacement.

Know When Glass Repair or Replacement Is Necessary

Visible glass window damage should be taken care of by a trusted professional. Even if the damage seems minimal, it could become a bigger, more expensive problem over time. A professional who specializes in luxury glass window maintenance and repair can help address these problems while they are still small.

A repair service provider will assess the level of damage to offer the required glass repairs to prevent further damage. Signs that window repair or replacement is necessary are:
•    Gaps around the windows
•    Unusually high utility bills
•    Hot or cold drafts
•    Water leaks near the window. 
•    Difficulty locking, shutting, or moving windows

Gaps around the windows or hot/cold drafts likely indicate that there is a broken seal that needs to be repaired. High utility bills could indicate that the windows have worn down or become loose, making it more difficult for a central air system to maintain the temperature of your home.

Water leaks can damage the area around the window frame and should be addressed immediately. Difficulty locking, shutting, or moving windows can indicate a buildup of grime and can create unnecessary strain on the windows. 

Why Glass Window Maintenance Is Important

Luxury glass windows are a beautiful, sustainable way to let more natural light into your home. When glass windows are not well maintained, they get old more quickly, declining in effectiveness and value. 

Regular cleaning and inspection could help prevent possible repair or replacement. Regular maintenance helps to:
•    Enhance lighting in the room
•    Improve the longevity of the windows 
•    Increase home security 
•    Save money on repairs or replacement

Choose the Best Luxury Glass Windows Supplier

Find a good supplier of luxury glass windows that can help you maintain your windows. It may be tempting to choose services with lower quotes, but it’s worth taking time to research. Compare products and prices from multiple suppliers to determine which investments are most important to you.

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