Equine clothing is a category of sports clothing specifically designed for horse riding, an activity that requires good equipment to practice it safely. Buying quality equine clothing is a good investment for the rider since it provides comfort, is functional, provides security, makes it possible to achieve the ideal performance, and protects from the elements. Equine clothing while you learn to ride a horse will also come in handy if you are starting in the equestrian world.

Basic equipment for horse riding

When we start in the equestrian world, the first thing that comes to mind is: what is the basic equipment for riding? It is important to focus on the essential elements to start with a good basic kit without having to spend an unnecessary fortune.

To fully enjoy riding, and above all, not hurt ourselves, we must consider the type of basic equipment for riding. It is one of the most important factors and cannot go unnoticed.

Let’s review all the basic equipment that we must consider for riding, from equine clothing to the most necessary accessories such as horse riding helmets.

Equine Clothing features:

Horseback riding is the practice and skill of riding a horse and refers to a rider’s ability to ride correctly. Horse riding is a specialty within equestrian or equestrian sports that includes dressage, cross country, equestrian, and show jumping.

A broad definition of horse riding encompasses everything related to equestrian activities. It includes using horses for practical purposes such as work and transportation and recreational and sporting activities, such as show jumping, polo, horse racing, and rodeo.

Regarding Equine clothing, it is very convenient to use specific clothing for this activity because it is the most comfortable equipment for riding and because it is the safest type of clothing. In addition, Equine Clothing is used for horseback riding. Still, many garments such as jackets, horse riding boots, hats, or scarves can be used for the street since they provide elegance, distinction, and a sporty cut that differentiates them.

The main equine clothing items used for horse riding are the following:

Horse riding pants: riding pants for riders or amazons are highly specialized and specially designed for equestrian activities. They are generally made of stretch fabrics to be more pleasant to wear, as they are used very tight. They must also be resistant to abrasion and wear since they will be subjected to a lot of friction, which is why they usually have synthetic suede pads in the most affected areas as protection against chafing. Generally, classic and conservative clothing is used in design and color, the most common colors being beige, black, and white.

Horse riding jackets: riding jackets are especially for competitions are generally classic and usually come in classic colors such as black or beige. To ride in cold or rainy weather, we will use a waterproof jacket or windbreaker to protect ourselves from the cold and rain in winter.

Horse riding boots: Riding boots for riders and amazons must be tall, comfortable, and fit snugly against the rider’s body, as low riding boots can get caught in the saddle and make it difficult for the rider to move. Horse riding boots are generally made of leather, although rubber models can also be very suitable for children and beginners. Given that in the stables and tracks, we will always find water, mud, manure, wet sand, and slippery and wet terrain, the riding boots should have an adherent rubber sole. For rainy days, there are water riding boots, and for winter, we have lined boots and winter riding boots with high thermal protection, ideal for harsh winters. They can have a lace-up or zip closure. It is advisable to use a boot jacket to remove them more easily and to use a last to ensure good conservation of the leather boots.

Horse riding gaiters: these are placed over the boots to increase grip and allow the rider’s legs to be better fixed. They generally have a zip closure and a self-adhesive strip at the top to prevent them from falling off. The gusseted models are more adaptable and allow adaptation to different calf contours.

Horse riding helmets: The riding helmet is essential, as it is designed to protect the rider’s head in the event of a fall and prevent damage if it hits the ground, an object, or the animal itself. Horse riding helmets are made of a hard, impact-resistant shell, usually resin or plastic, with shock-absorbing materials inside and covered with some outer fabric to make the helmet look more attractive. The internal part must be made of padded materials to provide comfort to the rider. It is advisable to have adequate neck protection, a flexible visor, adjustable straps using sliding buckles, and a ventilation system to evacuate sweat. We must only purchase approved and certified riding helmets, an almost always mandatory requirement in riding competitions.

Protective body vest: the protective body is a safety vest designed to protect the rider and absorb shock. 

Online equine socks: Under our boots or ankle boots with gaiters, it is advisable to wear long socks or thick stockings that serve against possible scratches from the boots. These socks are characteristic of their resistance. They have reinforcements on the toe, on the sole, and the heel. 

Riding gloves horse: Another element within the basic equipment is the riding gloves horse. Its use is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended, especially if we want to show well-groomed hands! Gloves will be very useful to avoid calluses and to rub caused by the reins of the horse. Also, in winter, gloves will always protect us from the cold, preventing our skin from cracking.

If we ride horses quite often, we will appreciate the use of riding gloves. And neither is any type of gloves valid. They must be tight and elastic, comfortable, and above all, and most importantly, have a good grip that allows us to grip the reins well, preventing them from slipping away. With all this equine clothing, we could finalize the basic equipment for riding a horse. Visit the Equine World UK online equine store now. 

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