The United Kingdom expects a boom in stay-cations from this weekend, in which the weather forecast confirms that summer arrives in the country with temperatures above 31ºC. Did you know only half of the UK population is vaccinated with both doses, while 67.7% are vaccinated with a single dose? The quarantine is eliminated only for those who are fully immunized and have received the second dose 14 days before starting the trip. 51% of the population is vaccinated with the two doses, a complete immunization schedule.

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According to a survey cited by Travelodge, 62% of Britons plan to spend their main summer holidays in the UK. In 2019 this figure was in the middle. So far, it has been raining heavily in the UK. However, the decent weather arrives and the end of the restrictions. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book a trip to the UK. Save BIG when you use the Jet2 Holidays discount code.

The 10 Best Things to See and Do in the UK

Why do most of us who think of a getaway to England only consider a visit to London? We make the mistake of forgetting about the rest of the island, but we are convinced that there are many sites and places worth it. We have to give it a try before embarking on the adventure. For exclusive travel deals and offers, use the Travelodge discount codes.

So as you cross the English Channel and finally uncover all the charms of England, we have prepared an editorial where we tell you the best things to do in England. In addition to visiting its capital, of course! These are the best experiences you should have in the land of Harry Potter, Queen Elizabeth, and Mr. Bean: 

  1. Enjoy London

We put it in the first position. Yes, England is not just London, but traveling there without knowing its capital would be like going to McDonald’s and ordering a salad: nonsense.

London is one of the most attractive cities in Europe, where on the same day you can visit museums (very interesting and free!). Stroll through hipster markets, see the changing of the guard (although it is still a touristy), take a selfie with the typical phone booth, and eating fish & chips on the second floor of a red bus under Big Ben (this would be fine, yes). Although if you are looking for an expanded list of ideas of things to see and do in London, it is best to look at travel offers.Book a Last Minute City Break with Jet2 Holidays discount code.

  1. Get closer to the mystery at Stonehenge.

Stonehenge represents one of the most magical and mysterious places in the world. This circular megalithic site, built based on gigantic 40-ton dolmens, accumulates many legends throughout the centuries. We’ve all heard of him, are you going to miss it?

Getting here from London is easy: you can sign up for one of the many organized tours or ride it yourself. The entrance to the enclosure costs £ 15.50 although if you pay £ 27 for the bus and the entrance you will save the queues, it also includes the entrance to the other Old Sarum site. Do not skip our Travelodge discount codes.

  1. Did you think of a bath on some English beach?

We already know that England does not have paradisiacal beaches like those of the Balearic Islands, but this does not mean that it is not worth going to the sea: around the island, there are cliffs and places that take your breath away, such as the wild coast of Cornwall or Yorkshire. And other fun spots like Brighton, where you can ride a few attractions on its pier, as well as stroll along its beach, and if you did not know, the Gay Pride party has been held here every summer since 1992. Brighton is an hour away by train from London Bridge station and tickets shouldn’t cost more than £ 10.

  1. Get lost in the English Countryside (Cotswolds)

Renting a car and getting lost in the Cotswolds is something we’ve had in mind for some time – hopefully, we can cross it off our traveling bucket list sooner rather than later. The best of the trip? Stroll through honey-colored stone houses and through towns that seem from another time, such as Bourton-on-the-Water, the “English Venice,” and others such as Bibury, Cirencester, Fairford, or Stow-on-the-Wold. With Travelodge discount codes, get an Extra 30% off. 

Oh, what do they want us to do, and the trip looks cool, huh? It is without a doubt one of the best things to see and do in England.

  1. Celebrate in a pub

Do not leave England without first having lived a real night in a pub. It is an experience that you cannot miss! Order a pint (remember you have to do it at the bar, or you can die of thirst) and then another, and then another. Who knows if, between talks, good atmosphere, and laughter, that boy who seemed to you the son of Mr. Bean begins to look like Hug Grant. And he hey, what happens in England stays in England!

  1. Stroll along Hadrian’s Wall

It is hard to believe that this Wall, which spans about 117 kilometers, was built around 122-133 AD. It is an amazing place, although more than because of its beauty (which it is), it is because of its dimensions and more in what conditions it was built. Along the Wall are old fortresses, towers, and a few museums where you can document yourself and be even more surprised. If you have that traveler-romantic-nostalgic touch, well, you are going to love touring the Wall!

  1. Make a route of castles.

If there is something that is not lacking in England, with the permission of Mr. Fish & Chips, they are castles. There are hundreds and hundreds scattered throughout the territory, but if you don’t have too much time, get ready. Get £30 off Solo Holidays on Jet2 Holidays discount code.

  1. Get carried away by the Beatles-mania.

London is cool, but you’ve already visited it a hundred times, you went to Stonehenge, the English Countryside and now you’re more bored than Ringo in the recording. Well, we have the solution:

  • Go to Liverpool where you can go through the history of the Beatles.
  • Have painted at The Cavern -the mythical place where they played 292 times-, stroll down Penny Lane and cross the Abbey Road crosswalk.
  • Take a few photos with the statues of John Lennon, by Eleanor Rigby, with the red bars of Strawberry Fields, and with the hundreds of murals and posters dedicated to the mythical group.

Of course, do not forget the mp3 to listen to the Beatles’ songs during the trip.

  1. Take the opportunity to improve your English.

That English is important they know it to the stones, but if you can also learn it in England while living a thousand and one Erasmus-style adventures, then much better! We, who are very urbanites, would choose London as a destination (every day, after classes, we would have many bars, markets and curious places to visit)!

  1. Try the experience of housekeeping (housesitting)

You know how much we love housesitting: taking care of houses and pets while the owners are on vacation is one of the forms of travel that we like the most. And know? England is one of the countries where housesitting is most successful. Taking care of a little house lost in the English countryside or a little apartment in Notting Hill sounds superb! 

There is much more to do in England: visit Manchester, enjoy a real Sunday Roast, see Bath, Cambridge, and Oxford, get lost in charming Yorkshire or discover the best places to have a five o’clock tea or a Coca-Cola with vanilla ( eye, with vanilla ice cream!) but if we tell you everything there are no surprises! And, of course, we still have to recommend a lot more places to see in the United Kingdom. Grab an incredible deal: 20% off selected rooms/hotels with the Travelodge discount codes.

Essential Tips For Traveling To The UK

  • If you are going to travel to the United Kingdom in 2021, it is very important to have the best travel insurance, including COVID (coronavirus) coverage.
  • It is necessary to travel with a Health Card to have medical assistance, especially in the United Kingdom. Due to the current health situation, insurance includes medical assistance in case of coronavirus infection. In addition, it is also included the extra stay you need in case of contagion by quarantine and, of course, the test in case it is necessary.
  • We can say that traveling to the United Kingdom is safe. However, it is important to use common sense and avoid leaving valuables unattended, especially in very touristy and crowded places. In large cities such as London, it is advisable to ask for accommodation if an area is not recommended, especially at night. If you have rented a car, try not to leave valuables in sight.
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  • Another tip for a trip to the United Kingdom is to carry a copy of all the important documentation such as ID, passport, travel insurance policy, etc., in the cloud, so that in case of loss or theft, you can carry out the formalities of a much easier way.
  • London is usually a good gateway, used by many travelers. Whatever your decision is, we recommend using this flight search engine, with which you can have the best deals at the best prices. Enjoy exclusive savings on the Travelodge discount codes.
  • Once you have the flight, the next point will be to book the accommodation, especially if you will travel to the United Kingdom in the high season. We recommend that you check this hotel search engine to find the best options at the best prices. Get £60 off Single Parent Holiday Booking with Jet2 Holidays discount code.
  • And last but not least, when traveling to the United Kingdom, it is very interesting to review the tours or excursions you want to do. And, if you are going to do one of the most demanded such as the Harry Potter Tour at Warner Studios or the Excursion to Loch Ness and the Highlands.

You can consult and book the best tours and excursions in the United Kingdom and excursions in London. And, we have got you covered with the best discounts and travel deals this year, 2021. Enjoy amazing discounts on the Jet2 Holidays discount code and Travelodge discount codes.


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