If you work in the plumbing trade or run a plumbing business, you’ve probably heard of drain inspection cameras. These modern devices are valuable and useful industry tools, saving time and money for plumbing businesses worldwide.

An inspection camera is a handy diagnostic tool designed to help plumbers quickly and conveniently identify blockages. These systems comprise a waterproof camera attached to a long cable and connected to a monitor, providing a live feed of the drain’s inner workings.

Whether you’re working in a domestic or commercial capacity, drain cameras are an essential tool.

Which type of drain inspection camera do I need?

There are different types of drain inspection cameras suited for various purposes. For standard residential jobs, plumbers and cleaning contractors will use compact inspection cameras to:

  • Locate blockages
  • Identify and diagnose issues
  • Break-in lines

A residential plumber will use the information gained from their inspection to provide an accurate and reliable quote. 

For larger commercial plumbing businesses, workers may need to inspect vast pipeline tracts. Such companies should invest in a more advanced system with useful features like Wi-Fi capabilities.

Modern drain inspection camera benefits

Recent technological developments mean that even entry-level drain inspection cameras boast various benefits. Compact cameras designed for residential use now produce high-quality images and video, along with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. Many simple drain cameras now also offer:

  • Self-levelling
  • Optimal cabling and lighting
  • Modern reel mechanics to enable easy passage through sharp turns
  • Digital recording
  • Audio recording
  • Much more

More advanced camera systems will offer extra benefits, such as the Wi-Fi capabilities mentioned above. While Wi-Fi may not be a vital feature for residential inspections, it can make life easier for big commercial jobs.

These days, plumbers can share their high-quality recordings and live footage via the internet, allowing optimal sharing and data evaluation.

How drain inspection cameras save you time and money

While plumbers and cleaning contractors would previously have to infer the location of a blockage—or start digging to find the source—drain inspection cameras have eliminated that need entirely. 

With their ease of use and real-time data, these innovative devices abolish the need for guesswork and can quickly identify the source of a blockage. Plumbers using inspection cameras will never need to rule out possible causes one-by-one.

Drain camera technology is precise and non-destructive, saving plumbing companies and customers the potential costs of repair following excavation or pipe damage. In the past, too, you’d need a whole crew to identify the source of a blockage manually. Now, a single worker can easily handle the job.


Drain inspection cameras have made waves in the plumbing industry in recent years. These specialised devices benefit plumbing businesses by saving them time and money and increasing productivity. 

Modern drain cameras are especially useful, boasting added benefits such as pan and zoom functionality, internet connectivity, and high-quality, real-time imagery. By investing in the right kind of inspection camera, plumbing business owners can stay ahead of the game and complete jobs more quickly and accurately.

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