Are you planning to get a body shaper soon and you have no clue what to do or where to look? Or rather, you already have a number of them but you’re looking to get another with a more promising outlook and you have no idea how? If you read this article to the end, you will definitely find all the answers you seek and even more helpful tips.

We all know how useful wholesale shapewears are, as they give us a smarter appearance. They smoothen out and cover all squalid bulges of fat- tummy, saggy breasts, droopy hips, etc. and they give you a sexier silhouette and bigger confidence.

First of all, the most important thing you should know when looking out for the shapewear that works out the best is to understand the main reason why you are wearing one in the first place. And you need to be totally honest with yourself here. They are just like underwear or lingerie, they are not a “one size fits all” solution. Its usefulness is dependent on what part of your body you want to shape and what occasion demands it.

Usually, the most critical target areas on our bodies are the tummy area, the area from the chest to the hips, the butt and hip area, the hip and the upper thigh area, and sometimes, the thighs in their entirety. Your best body shaper will have to be one that conveniently takes care of the problem in any of these areas.

When it comes down to getting which shapewear works best, you need to look into 4 primary parameters: form, fit, material, and style. Your ideal body shaper should be able to deliver on all four points excellently.×390/imgs/SHAPEWEAR/Waist_Trainer/MT200104-SK1/MT200104-SK1-202005115eb90ba4527f1.jpg

Another important point you should consider when determining the best full body shaper is the level of compression you need it to perform. Compressing your body shape is the most essential work of your shapewear.  To know the most perfect level of compression for your fit, you should know your target areas and whether you want to smoothen them over or you want them raised or perhaps, prevent them from rubbing together, in this case, your thighs. Just so you know, there are 3 main types of compression:

  • Maximum compression: this level mainly recreates your body shape by scraping off all the bulge from your target area. This level is perfect for you if your body does not work well with other levels of compression.
  • Medium compression: this sculpts your body perfectly and emphasizes your curves and gives you the lift in the right places. Perfect for if you only need minimal enhancements.
  • Low compression: this is perfect for women who have almost perfect bodies and only need to smoothen their body shapes and tuck in slight dimples.

In conclusion, the best body shapers are designed to fit snugly around your body and give your target areas a sexier, smarter outlook. HexinFashion provides wholesale shapewear.  They super comfortable, not too tight, or fold up awkwardly and the best full-body shaper you can find out there. You should also note that just like lingerie, they are not a one-stop solution and what works best for you is determined by your body fit.

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