Spending hours and hours on your phone, scrolling through social media and buying things. This was looked down by many people but it’s not the case anymore. The pandemic came and everything turned completely virtual.

Although it doesn’t mean that social media was not important before the world went virtual. It had a huge importance in a lot of sectors including businesses and marketing. From entrepreneurs and philanthropists to the professionals who provide cheap essay writing services UK, everyone used social media to boost their business.

If you own a business or looking forward to starting a business soon, you should know about the power, importance, and impact of social media marketing. From generating sales to building brand image, here’s how social media can impact your business in a positive way.

1.  Reach the Target Audience Easily

The days of randomly distributing pamphlets and running ads on TV in the hope that it reaches your target audience is over. Social media has taken over that job and it is being done pretty nicely.

Almost all of the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Snapchat now allow businesses to create paid ads. These paid ads are highly powerful because these ads are customizable to the extent that it reaches your selected demographic only,

For instance, if your target audience is mid-aged men from the United Kingdom, you can target them specifically and increase your reach.

2.  Effects on Customer Service

The customers always come first. Regardless of your nature of the business, you need to have top-notch customer service.

You will see customers complaining or praising a business on their Facebook page or tweeting them their reviews on Twitter. This affects the brand image significantly.  For instance, a new customer is most likely to check your social media handles before actually buying your products or availing your services. Its human nature to make sure that the money you’re spending is not going to waste.

On the other hand, using social media platforms efficiently can bring you more customers every day. For instance, if you are being highly responsive on social media and replying to every query, it will set a good impression on the existing and potential customers.

3.  Helps with Link Building

SEO is the backbone of generating traffic for your website. Without SEO, chances are your business might get lost in the sea of dead fish.

Social media can help you with SEO as well. For instance, if a blog on your website gets shared on different social media platforms, chances are other people might generate similar content and link back to the original post which is yours. When that happens, Google will detect this and rank your blog on a higher number. A win-win for you!

A pro tip is to never use demoralizing strategies to win against your competitors. It can have a negative impact on your brand image and your audience might sympathize with your competitors. On the other hand, make sure to never have a negative opinion against any of your competitors. It can turn a lot of their loyal customers against your brands.

4.  Creating Word of Mouth

WOM, also known as Word of Mouth is a crucial part of marketing and guess what, social media helps you with that!

By using social media effectively, you can spread the word about your business. It can be done in many ways. For example, you can do it by creating catchy and engaging social media posts, by posting visually appealing slogans, and many different ways.

If you didn’t know, over 72% of people see the recommendations and reviews online the same as someone they know personally recommended it.

5.  Boosts Brand Loyalty

Phil Dusenberry, an American advertising guru once said “A brand is nothing but an expression of the customer’s loyalty and trust.” and we can’t agree more with him.

One of the core aims of every business is to build and maintain the brand loyalty and social media can help you with that. It can benefit you in increasing brand loyalty and advocacy which matters highly for every business.

For instance, brand loyalty is a hard thing to achieve in highly competitive markets. Every customer has multiple options for everything and they’d switch to another brand or business easily if they a brand couldn’t hold them back. With the power of social media marketing, you will be engaging in meaningful conversations with the customers. You can retain your customers by being available to answer and respond to their queries every time instead of emails which can get a bit stale.

If you are able to retain a few customers for a little while, chances are they would advocate for your brand to their family and friends and bring you more customers.

6.  Effective Affiliate Marketing

The social media platforms have evolved into cultures at this point. A lot of businesses have utilized this opportunity in their favour. For instance, currently, the Instagram influencer culture is on the peak. There are hundreds of young and old influencers around the world with different types of audiences shaping the internet.

Businesses can reach out to such influencers to boost reach out to a wider audience. This is highly beneficial as the influencers don’t only promote your product, they become an advocate of your business or brand. The people who follow such influencers trust them and often buy from the businesses that influencers promote as well.

Wrapping Up

So whether you’re thinking about launching your own dissertation writing services online or have an apparel store in the nearest mall, social media marketing can do wonders for you. From building your brand identity to reaching out to more loyal customers, social media can help you with everything. You just have to harness the power and use it in your favor. Now it’s all up to how you use the power of social media marketing to shape the future of your business!

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