In the modern days of glamorous and attention-grabbing sci-fi movies, the western drama industry is going down. Kevin Costner’s take on Yellowstone as a show to revive the western-drama industry was whether successful or failure is still hangin’ while Yellowstone Merchandise has aced the wardrobe section. This show has shown the story of a ranch owner dealing with his family issues and widowed life. He lost his son because of that beloved ranch, but his love for the ranch is greater than anything else. 

Yellowstone show is the perfect embodiment of the emotions, bloodsheds, family issues, and failed relationships. With the big names under its banner, like Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and many more, this show succeeded in getting the deserved attention, but it also has many plotholes. However, if you have watched this show, then you should have gotten the idea. For those who are lagging behind and still confused about this show, here are some reviews about this show (Spoiler Free!) to make you decide what you should do.


Somehow or another, “Yellowstone” is an epitome of Taylor Sheridan’s center credits as an author. Lavish, moving scenes put things in place for an unmistakably rough story. Wonderful entertainers are destroyed to their barest structures, portraying tough people who couldn’t think less about film industry aggregates or post-debut parties. 

These are genuine individuals with significant needs; needs greater than themselves. It has everything you need for a family drama series. It was not Taylor’s first time to write anything like this, so this show was going to be a hit. Before this show was released, the western drama industry was dead or in the last moments before dying. 

This series came like electric shock therapy for the dying genre. People wanted it to be the embodiment of western culture and a reflective story. This show has Kevin as the protagonist who has already revived the idea of a good series. We all have an idea that Kevin would do his best to make this series best, and he did!

As a rough and tough ranch owner, he nailed his look; also, Beth Dutton, a fierce girl who knows to make her way. With or without anyone on her side, she would do it. Costner’s role can be too negative as a protagonist, which makes him interesting for some people. He wants to fight for what belongs to him without any second thoughts about the consequences or moral values.

Kevin has always been a sweet, heroic, and positive person in the western drama genre, so it would be difficult to watch him in this role, while you shouldn’t take him as a villain. Instead, take him as a person who would never leave fighting for his rights. The scene in which Beth Dutton got beaten by enemies repelled so many while increasing the intensity of this show.


While many of Yellowstone’s fans are disappointed with how the story has upgraded towards many seasons, the Paramount Network has mentioned that Yellowstone will resemble a big-screen film. There is adequate utilization of those land-immersing wide shots from the film that make forlornly populated, artistic grounds like Texas (Hell or High Water) and, here, Utah and Montana so lovely. 

However, directly from the beginning — and pounded home by the extreme utilization of helicopter shots — Yellowstone attempts to be so extensive and cleanser operatic that there’s scarcely any authenticity in it. This series contains so many disturbing scenes in it, and it can it was a series about disputes, so bloodsheds were expected.

However, the opening scene was more than disturbing when Kevin shot a dying horse. Other than the continued dispute about the ranch and Kevin’s sacrificing his family relationships was just too much to watch. Also, at some point, no matter what was happening on the ranch, the show just became too boring and predictable. 

Though some people loved so many things about this show, the sturdiness of John Dutton played by Kevin Costner, and the strong lead female role played by Kelly was also admirable. The family drama and emotional baggage on every freaking character were good to some extent, while it became the most annoying thing at some points. 

As the show is still going on-air and many seasons are yet to come (feasibly), so it would be an injustice to decide its fate about success and failure. Overall, this show’s reviews were mixed; everyone has their perspective and some people just like glamourized things. Western drama is again part of the discussion after the release of Yellowstone stands tall, while how this show is going to be in the future is unpredictable. One thing is for sure whether or not you love the show, and you are going to fall for Yellowstone Jackets.

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