We all are looking for some positivity this year. 2020 has been a harsh one and not what everyone expected it. But there is one thing that can drag us to positivity and energy for this year, and that is cricket. The PSL 2020 “Pakistan super league” between this severe pandemic shows at least PSL 2020 for the distraction from all these complicated issues.


Tournament’s updates are posted as soon as the schedules arrive. The residue for the match will be played for three days from November 14th till 17th. Along with the first of the two tournaments held on the 14th of November. Each one will be played on the following days.


According to the menu of dual matches, November 14th 2020 is the only date scheduled. This means that two tournaments will be held on the same day and date. The schedule has set up at 2 pm for the first match and the next tournament at 7 pm. Then the other matches in the next two days will be played at 7 pm.


At the time of the spread of coronavirus in Pakistan, the Pakistan cricket board decided to make some adjustments in PSL arrangements. Their mind was made up to dump the Indian premier league battle in oblige of a more observant final and semifinal path. The simple arrangement has now been put back for the Pakistan super league reopening between all these fusses. Now this explains that we will have a winner and two of the droppers and then finals.    

The place for the tournaments

The four tournaments will be held at Lahore’s Gaddafi stadium. The Pakistan cricket board (PCB) had many difficulties deciding a venue for the matches. The aim of the PCB wad to create a frontier kind of protection for the match to happen with safety. Choosing numerous places for the match would not be a good idea in this case. So Lahore this times raffles, well this was not a unique idea from the inceptive play; this is where the tournaments omit the winner to play in Lahore as a qualifier. This time Karachi lost an exclusive winner or a good team that it deserved.

Teams selected

Regnant winners Quetta Gladiators and two championships, Islamabad United, are not selected for the match. This leads to the decisions that the playing teams will be the Multan Sultans, Karachi Kings, Qalanders and the Peshawar Zalmi. 

There is no confirmation of this schedule yet. Still, according to the Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings executive has shown and stated full confidence regarding their potential to be back their overseas players to reopen the tournaments once again, the confidence seems like giving a hope to us that the matches will be held even in during this pandemic.

The mass of the audience for the matches

As we know that the schedule is not yet confirmed and the final decision has not been made, it seems difficult that the audience will be permitted to enter the Gaddafi stadium by the Pakistan cricket board. Do not keep the hopes of going to the stadium and expect the tournaments’ ensemble to be held behind the doors close. 

Safety is first and enjoyment is important; some things can be enjoyed by taking care of our health too.

Discussions for the tournament to be held safely

According to Imran Khan, the situation seems that the situation leftover is unfolding and unparalleled with numerous works to be done. Continuous checkup is needed. Checking the players if they feel comfortable is quite a lot going on.

He also said that it is essential for them to cling and talk about the main issue. Players are trying to return home because the flights can be cancelled and the border can be closed and they are in a tense situation about if they can return home safely to their own countries.

He also told that the Pakistan cricket board would provide the players and make sure that the other players can return home safely; they also understand if the plays quit the match. Including this, he said that they would continue work on it, provide and will be ok at the situation very carefully, and will not stop doing what is right for the people. The decisions will be made according to the situation immediately.

Tournament on screens only

Matches in 2020 will be played without any involvement of the fans or audience.

Sindh chief minister named Syed Murad Ali Shah announced PSL tournaments to be held in Karachi’s National stadium without the crowd. He stated that it will be very risky to let the people sit in the stadium as the stadium is a place where social distancing according to the pandemic is not possible, the only possible way for the match to be held is not letting the people inside the stadium to maintain the safety for the public and also the players, each one of them so the risk cannot be taken.  

The recent statement by the chief minister is that the final decisions will not affect the attribute advertisement partners along with the media and also the other service providers. They are permitted inside the Gaddafi stadium. He added that only the family members, also franchise owners player assist personnel, will also be allowed to enter the stadium to watch the tournament.

The Chief Minister’s declaration also says that these steps not to let the audience in the stadium are a safety measure taken in to protect the people affected by the virus as it is spreading rapidly. Along with this, he said that the people who bought the tickets would be given a refund, all their money will be given them securely/


This is the schedule update here:

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