Getting inspired by a TV actor or actress is nothing new. For years fashion has been directed by the big names of the industry, and currently, Yellowstone has some iconic stars as their main cast. The high-class group of celebrities in the Western-style television series has showcased a splendid collection of Yellowstone Outfits. Every piece in the collection has a separate fan following. Focusing on the two ladies who redefined class in Western wear, Beth and Monica Dutton do Western-style like no one else! 

Beth Dutton and Her Best Outfits 

Kelly Reilly’s exceptional acting skills are put to good use when she portrays the strong-headed Beth Dutton character. From Kelly’s off-duty style, it is pretty clear that Beth or Kelly both have a phenomenal taste. Since Beth revolves around Western-style mostly, she has done an outstanding job at pulling off big and bulky top layers. 

Most of the time, she is seen slaying a wide-brimmed hat and killer boots. But her style never became stale even with the limitations of the set. Beth’s shine through the brown hues of thick Western wear is almost blinding. One of the most resilient characters on the show is keeping her fans busy by stalking her every move. 

Black Trench Coat 

Season 3, like the two previous seasons, was full of inspiration for fashion fanatics. Beth’s iconic appearance in a long black coat spiked interest from a lot of female fans. The classic style trench coat has zero to no details, making it a worthy piece for all the lovers of elegance and vintage. The high-end looks are accentuated with the cyan-colored inner layer Beth carries with this top layer. 

Beth maintained her signature power look with this coat by not adding any unnecessary accessory. If you are looking to flaunt her style, get the comfiest pair of cowgirl boots and this long coat. Pairing a trench coat is always fun and shows that it is an important investment. From short dresses to formal pants, all look perfect with a classic vintage coat. 

Shearling Wool Coat 

Exquisite winter wardrobes have at least one shearling wool coat. To reach that level, you need to keep your eyes focused on celebrities who will go above and beyond to make a stellar appearance. Kelly Reilly’s portrayal of Beth Dutton has left all her fans speechless. The spot on attire consisting of a shearling coat is simply breath-taking. 

The broad shearling collar attracts all attention to itself, leaving little to scrutinize other than this masterpiece. Beth knows how to keep the spotlight focused on her. Hence her fashion only gets better with every new season. 

Monica Dutton and Chic Fashion

Kayce married Monica Long, a teacher and a professor with strong opinions. Her character is often shown in the worst situations, but she always manages to bounce back. Monica’s style is something no right mind can ignore. She is young and makes sure she pulls out the Western-style in multiple ways. 

Kayce and Monica has faced ups and downs quite a few times. Both are integral members of the Dutton family. Therefore the threats that are ensued to other family members are also extended to this couple. Monica’s relationship dynamics with other characters are still in the stage of development. Until viewers have their hands full with the mesmerizing appearance, both Dutton women continue to make. 

Suede Leather Coat 

Yellowstone is shot in an environment where coats and jackets are the only appropriate top layer. Expectations for the next season of Yellowstone are quite high as divas and fashion enthusiasts are eager to get the first glimpse of Yellowstone ApparelsThis hype was only possible if fans adored season three’s collection too. 

Monica’s iconic shearling coat is demanded in great numbers, showing that the impact of these stars on fashion is a strong one. The worth of this coat compels women to get one as soon as possible. Warmth and style, when offered simultaneously, are too tempting to ignore. Hence, the craze and hype for this coat are indeed justified. 

Brown Cotton Jacket 

Jackets are easy to pull than bulky coats. Some occasions require more mobility and comfort than others, and this jaw-dropping top layer inspired by Monica Dutton’s brown jacket is a must-have for all females. The chic style of the jacket increases its worth ten times since most of the utility pieces are low on the style scale.  Monica’s style is simple yet unique. She carries herself with an air of importance; whoever crosses her path is also compelled to give her the same respect. Dutton’s family is truly lucky to have not one but two women who have played a huge role in the success of the TV series. 

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