Fallout 76 is the latest installment in the Fallout franchise having the honor of being the first multiplayer video game so far by Bethesda Game Studios. It allows the player to explore an open world having a size four times bigger than the one designed for Fallout 4. It is the prequel of the previous versions and takes the legacy of Vault 94 with it (although it has been shut down with the recent update). So, discover all the elements of Appalachia by gearing up in the Fallout 76 Jacket in the most modified version of the Fallout series!

Refreshing Colors In The Post-Apocalyptic World!

The theme of the Fallout series is the portrayal of a world after the war. The dusty colors and somber graphics of the games are exactly according to the massage behind the storyline of them. But the recent version has the perfect combination of monotonous and vibrant colors. You will experience a delight to your eyes when you play the game and roam around different areas. 

Bethesda Game Studios has cleverly infused red, blues, and greens with the classic black and brown to show the world after 25 years of the nuclear war. There are some beautiful landscapes, trees, and flowers blooming where the whole game is revolving around. If you love some colors to keep yourself engaged, then it is the best feature for you!

Few N.P.C.s and More Real Players!

N.P.C.s always add extra fun to any game. It fills the game with more players and allows them to do something other than just killing and looting each other. It also gives the noob players a chance to feel that they have grown a lot — call it an illusion or anything else, but it makes them feel better, though. Sometimes, these N.P.C.s can keep up more interesting conversations than the real human players… no offense!

As cool as the game might look, it gets annoying when many N.P.C.s are used, and you can’t find the real players. Good news for you — Fallout 76 has close to zero N.P.C.s feature. You will encounter almost all the real people like you who are walking lonely after the disaster of the war. You must be surprised to know that at first, there were no N.P.C.s. Later on, Bethesda introduced a combination including robots, holo-tapes recordings, and storytelling when any player unravel a fragment of locations.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attributes Are Back With a Bang!

The most prominent and the hottest feature of the Fallout franchise has been the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes. The alphabets have different meanings; ‘S’ says Strength, ‘P’ refers to Perception, ‘C’ indicates Charisma, ‘I’ denotes to Intelligence, ‘A’ states Agility and ‘L’ stands for Luck. In the previous versions, it served as a marker in the numeric form to show your skills. Also, it shows the number of perks that you can utilize in each attribute section. 

In Fallout 76, there is a modified version of these features. The perks now transform into trading cards. The players can go for the perks that they want concerning their value and the cards. This feature gives the command to the player’s hands to choose the perk that he needs at that moment.

Access To The Nuka Codes!

Who doesn’t love destruction and chaos? Fallout 76 has given you the chance to create humongous carnage by providing the option to bomb other players. All you need is codes. So, play intelligently and find the codes to launch and create an intimidating image in front of others. Inactive missile spots are present on many spots, and you can get access to the silos to fire at almost any target. 

Either it’s the home, camps, or any place, you can create massive havoc in just a few minutes. Well, there is something that you have to do first. Discover the Enclave section and get listed in the ranks. As you become the General, you will have the opportunity to find eight different code pieces of nukes. The fun doesn’t end here; you will need a decoder to solve the hidden code.

Fast Travel Feature!

The scenery of the game might look attractive, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wander there on foot. The main theme of the game is post-apocalyptic, so it’s understandable why Bethesda has not introduced any driving vehicle in the game. You must have come across decaying rocket cars, rusted-out bicycles, and piles of plane debris from the garbage, but obviously, you can’t travel in them. Although there are no vehicles in the game, you are given a feature of ‘Fast Travel.’ As you reach a spot, the game operates the fast travel feature. Have a look around the whole map, gear up in the Fallout 76 Jacket, and enjoy the quickest ride through this feature!

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