Illustration made by the creator, Masashi Kishimoto, resulted in the finest anime— Naruto. This series revolves around a young boy named Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto had a precisely typical Japanese character of a young ninja boy and looking for validation from his friends and companions. His only dream was to be the Hokage, a true and purposeful leader of the village he used to live in before his Father’s death. The crazy anime fans must have had the idea of how anime and manga contrast from each other. Fortunately, Akatsuki Jacket is the same in both.

There were so many small changes like the difference in Neji Hyūga’s symbol on his head. A discerning manji was carved on Neji’s forehead in the manga, but in the anime, it was something else; a Swastika was craved in the manga (a Nazi sign), though anime went with an X only. This was a small yet noticeable difference between the Anime and Manga.

The curse of being a crazy fan is that you observe every little detail. Even the tiniest one like Ebisu fixing his glasses with an index finger instead of the third finger. Well, ignoring the small dissimilarities, here are the major changes that anime made in their edition of the manga.


The anime version fluctuated the plot of manga from many points. This happens every so often that to give a sensible ending to the story, fillings get an introduction. Extended fillers are being used to make a particular scene, which usually changes the plots and disturbs strategies.

The first case in point of this is Jiraiya and Naruto, was finding Tsunade, although, in the comic version, Shikamaru is endorsed to Chūnin. Anime version added paddings in it same as the Land Of Tea Escort Operation seized up some space, and then Shikamaru was directly endorsed by Tsunade, on her return.


The manga has more blood than its anime counterpart. As the series is all about hostile situations, the depiction of violence after every scene is predictable. Well, the manga has greater bloodshed than anime. It has mass murderers or executing people and much more tragic killing, so seeing lots of butcheries is justifiable.

Kids also love anime, so anime, so it was adapted in a more PG-13 adaptation. So the many disturbing and butchery scenes were eliminated. That’s doesn’t mean there is no fighting, but the blood was replaced with bruises and scars only. So, kids are advised to go for anime instead of going for the manga.


Manga titularly removed major flashbacks while anime broadly used them. Flashbacks can be of big use if used appropriately; they can show new facts about the prequel of roles. Anime made full use of these flashbacks, and it relived background stories of many people.


Gaara is the darkest part of the anime. He was portrayed as the villain at first because he had the urge to destroy the earth. Later, he became one of Naruto’s peer, but not a trustworthy one because of his dark past. He has so many potential and capabilities, which made him a caution for Naruto and his allies.

Again, anime tried to keep it under control, as manga showed Gaara as a more aggressive character than anime. His character was more brutal; that’s why anime cut the scenes here and there to make it a little less violent.


In the manga, the Yuki clan was the Haku’s official clan, but anime never brought it up. Anime only mentioned why Haku was punished, but it omitted the main details of Haku’s clan, which affected the Haku’s character’s build-up.


When you read manga, you’ll realize that Sasuke was forgiven for the crimes he committed against Konoha. Kakashi told him that he didn’t have to spend time in jail. While in anime, he served some amount of time before getting pardoned.


One of the biggest turnoffs about the anime is that it has dragged scenes, particularly the prizefight scenes. Whenever the audience feels that anime is finally syncing with the manga, another filler came and unnecessarily extended the scene.

Manga has under no circumstances done it this way, in anime. To build up the passion for combat, they keep reflecting on the past of personalities and take one fight to multiple episodes. Sometimes, to increase the intensity of the combat, the background stories flashes, and many more things were shown amongst the fights.


Sakura is the furthermost unused one in both, as they equally didn’t have the idea to utilize their female characters. Though her persona got many moments to shine in anime, and this is a big difference. Thankfully, the costumes were alike. From Naruto’s costume to Itachi Uchiha Jacket, every costume was identical to manga’s depiction.

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