With the advent of CMS technology, web development has become a cakewalk. Drupal is one of the oldest CMS platforms having a wide range of modules and themes that help developers to create remarkable websites. From business to corporate to e-commerce to education to finance, you can build any type of website with Drupal. Despite the fact that Drupal is built in such a way that it supports easy and effective website development, there are possible chances that your developed website might not be able to deliver the expected results. Whether you have set up an in-house team or have hired a professional Drupal development company, here is a guide to avoiding the most common mistakes while developing Drupal websites. So, here we go!

  • Bad Content

Content is one of the basic, yet the most essential part of your website. Hence, it is imperative to understand the importance of quality and interactive content on your website. The irrelevant content architecture will cost you a lot from your ranking to user experience. Since your website content provides useful information to your visitors, it becomes important to provide them with the quality content in order to ensure that they find the desired information. 

  • Excessive Coding

Another mistake that you must avoid while developing a Drupal website is excessive coding for modules development. You can avoid it by using customized codes. However, there are more than 30000 Drupal modules that can help you make your website smoother and effective. If you want to avoid the excess use of code, make sure to use the built-in modules. It will certainly help you save a lot of time. 

  • Incorrect Installation

When it comes to modules and themes, it is important to ensure that you’re installing them correctly and most importantly, in the right directory. If, in any case, you install a module in the wrong folder, it will result in debugging problems and errors. A pro tip – avoid installing custom modules on the root level. 

  • Working With No Backups Of The Website 

If you are an inexperienced developer, then you might not understand the importance of website backup. But, just to let you know, backing up the website is probably the most crucial thing in the web development process and you must not forget it. So, make sure to backup the website whenever you are making any changes in your already developed websites. It is important because while working on the website, there are chances of a situation might arise where you can lose the data. Having the backup of it ensures to bring you out of such a situation. 

  • Working Without VCS

VCS is the Version Control System that makes the development process a bit easier. Hence, it must be installed during the development process. Now, you must be wondering what it does? Well, it helps developers to maintain the history of Drupal website development. You can also keep a track of modifications that are made as a part of your Drupal website development project. 

  • Not Speeding Up the Searching

Another most common mistake that most inexperienced developers do is not making use of Solr Search during the website development process. It helps you speed up your website. Not just this, it also enhances the functionality of your website. 

  • Controlling Spam

Drupal comes with a number of spam control modules that help you keep your website regulated and moderated. It is important to understand that spams can affect your website through comments, posts, and contract forms. A spam control module will help you control spams through challenge-response filtering and real-time filtering. 

  • No Core Hacking

Surely, you do not want to be a victim of hacking, right? And in case, if your Drupal themes and files get hacked, it might create a negative impact on your website. In order to avoid such a situation, you can write Drupal functions to override codes. Besides, you can also choose to create sub-themes keeping your business needs and requirements into consideration. With that, we come to the end of this guide to avoiding the most common mistakes while developing a Drupal website. Talking about creating a website, well, it’s very much important to hire the right Drupal agency that could help you make the most out of the CMS platform. Auxesis Infotech is one of the leading Drupal agencies with all the experience, expertise, knowledge, and resources to provide exceptional services to you.

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