The increasing coronavirus pandemic has caused a global economic downfall. The situation is critical right now, and everyone is trying to find a solution for it.

While some industries and companies are facing huge losses and debts, there are a few industries that are witnessing an upsurge in their profits. The food deliveries are one such kind of business. As per statista, the revenue for on-demand food delivery is projected to be 1,36,431 million (approx.) in 2020.

If you are looking to create a profitable on-demand food delivery solution for your business, then it is a perfect time for you to hire software development team to discuss your project requirements and get the best on-demand food delivery solution in real-time.

Why the demand for on-demand food delivery solutions hiked during the pandemic?

The coronavirus outbreak is forcing more people to rely on on-demand food delivery apps as they have been forced to stay in their homes during the lockdown. On-demand food delivery solutions are developed to target particular services, therefore it adds convenience, speed, and simple access to the customers. Here are a few reasons for the gaining popularity of on-demand food delivery apps :

1.      Social distancing

Governments are promoting social distancing to tackle coronavirus. Lockdowns and social distancing norms have made it tougher for people to go out of their homes. This increasing need for safety has also increased the demand for developing an on-demand delivery application. The on-demand food delivery applications are the ‘New Normal’ for businesses as they will help the people to fulfill their most important needs.

On-demand apps prevent direct touch between your delivery person and your customers. Therefore, businesses are adopting on-demand delivery services as the best option to serve consumers with their daily requirements.

2.      Consumer Convenience

On-demand food delivery apps are in high demand due to their convenience.

Now the customers do not need to get out of their homes and stand in long queues for getting food. They can easily order delicious food from their nearby restaurants by making a few clicks over their smartphones. This will save the time of the customers as they don’t have to travel unnecessarily to get their favorite food.

The speed of delivery is also a very crucial factor. Consumers don’t like late deliveries. With the integration of an on-demand food delivery solution into your business, you can successfully tackle the issue of speed. For that, you need to integrate a real-time tracking system into your on-demand food delivery app, so that your drivers can choose the best routes for making speedy deliveries.

Taking care of your customer’s convenience will help you to develop the desired ROI for your business which in turn will keep your employees happy too.

3.      Demand for multiple food options

Consumers always want to choose from multiple food options. With an on-demand food delivery solution, you can provide multiple food options to your users at a single place. You can also help your customers to customize their food as per their preferences.

Users will also get satisfied as they are getting a choice of selecting their favorite food from different locations.

4.      Need for contactless deliveries

People prefer deliveries to limit their exposure to coronavirus. This has emerged an innovative method of food delivery called contactless delivery, zero-contact delivery, or zero-touch delivery.

Contactless deliveries will safeguard your employees and your customers from getting affected. You can send a message to your customers when your delivery person arrives at their doorsteps.

Delivering the food on your customer’s doorsteps will help you to maintain safety measures and will also help you to win your customer’s trust.

5.      Integration of multiple payment methods

If you want to build an easy, fast, and secure payment system, then you have to integrate multiple payment options into your on-demand food delivery app solution. Multiple payment methods such as online eWallets, debit cards, credit cards, and cash on delivery can help you to streamline your payments. You also need to ensure the security of online payment methods.

It will also boost your reliability as a high-profile merchant. This will directly result in higher consumer engagement. Catering to your consumer’s preferences will also increase your repeat purchases. This is the reason why advertising multiple purchasing options and facilitating their convenient use is essential.

6.      Consumer loyalty

You need to build and sustain customer loyalty if you want to conquer the on-demand food delivery market. Today, many businesses are using customer loyalty programs to attract more customers towards their on-demand food delivery application.

A customer loyalty program is an initiative that allows different companies and businesses to offer multiple attractive benefits to its new and existing customers. It also helps you to increase the spending of your customers.

You can create Loyalty Programs that use the reward points from your customer which they have got while making purchases with your app. These kinds of customer loyalty programs help you to get a rapid ROI.

You can also give attractive promo offers, discounts, etc., to your customers on their birthdays or anniversaries. Also, you can offer personalized offers to your customers on their birthdays and marriage anniversaries.

A referral program is also a better way of convincing your customer to refer your on-demand food delivery application to their loved ones.

Summing up

The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health emergency but it is also affecting our economy. On one side, where small businesses are finding it hard to cope up with the current economic situation, while on the other side, on-demand app development services are seeing an upsurge in its demand.

No matter in which field you are working, on-demand delivery solutions can help you to reach your consumers and make contactless deliveries. It can also help you to maintain community safety and hygiene of your employees and your customers.

I hope this blog has provided you with the necessary details. Keep reading this space for more such insights.

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