Nose rings are the second most common type of body piercing after earrings. Although some may have a negative attitude about wearing nose rings, in other parts of the world this has been done for aesthetic and symbolic purposes for thousands of years.

Nowadays, wearing a nose ring is becoming more common, and a growing number of people are choosing to have their noses pierced. Like any kind of jewelry, a nose ring reflects your personality, and the kind of ring you pick will tell something about you. At a nose ring store, you can choose your look from beautiful and sexy to rebellious and non-compliant.

What kind of piercing are you supposed to choose?

Piercing of the Nostril

The most common and popular type of a nose ring is a nose piercing. Here, you can select either the left or the right nose depending on your choice. The widely used type of jewellery with a nose piercing is a stud or a nose ring. This is positioned at or above the nostril curve groove.


This is the most common form of nose piercing at the moment because it’s flexible and stylish. The septum piercing is more difficult than the piercing of the nose and must be done by a professional nose piercer. Typically, the piercer would pick the place where there is no cartilage (such as the web or skin where the cartilage and the bottom of the nose meet) so ensure that the piercer recognizes the cartilage.

You may opt to use a plain septum ring, circular barbells, captive bead rings or other intricate designs. The circular barbell (also known as a horseshoe) is the most common. If you have a barbell septum ring, you can easily flip it up to cover it if you need to.

Upper Nostril

The high nostril is a variant of the piercing of the nose. Here, the nose is pierced at its highest point, until the bridge of the nose starts. This is a special, trendy spot for piercing. The high nose is located in one of the thickest areas of the nose, and the area is hard to reach, so penetrating this spot can be difficult. Choose a master piercer for this one.

High nostril stitching, studs, nose screws and L-shaped nose pins perform best.

Piercing Bridge

Bridge Piercing, also known as Erl, is rendered horizontally around the bridge of the nose and is known as a surface piercing. What this means is that the bone or cartilage of the nose is not punctured. However, as a surface piercing, the body’s chances of refusing jewellery are higher.

Rhino Piercing / Tip Vertical

The rhino piercing, also known as the vertical tip piercing, is unusual and uncommon. It almost always requires a curved barbell, extending from the top to the bottom of your nose. You can pick a straight row, but it can get more complicated.

There are other options such as Nasallang piercing and Austin Bar as well to choose from.

The best nose ring to begin with

The best nose piercing to start with is a basic nose piercing. This is less complex and dangerous than some of the other forms listed above, and it is not daunting.

Nose rings help you to clean the jewelry as you can to clean all the surfaces. It also has space to withstand some kind of swelling. However, the very fact that it can rotate fully means that bacteria from the outer part of the ring will penetrate your unhealed skin if you change its location. Although the nose ring has some dedication to maintain, it’s a beautiful and trendy way to convey your style. It’s a major decision, so take your time and do your homework before you visit a nose ring store. Artwell’s Body Art should be your first stop as they have a variety to choose from and they also offer free nose piercing. So contact them today by visiting

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