Video content is the next popular form of content. You do not need any statistics, just check yourself while scrolling social media feeds. You skip text-based posts but watch videos at least for 10 seconds. And if the video thumbnail or start of the video is interesting, you will watch it till the end. It is not that only you have such a tendency but also most people around the world have a similar nature. And that’s why the views on YouTube have increased by 99% and Facebook video views have increased by 258% this year.

According to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, video content is going to be the ‘megatrend’. And that’s why a lot of channels, as well as apps, are concentrating on video content or live streaming. They completely entertain us with the video content. Now we can say that video content has the ability to build a separate online world of it. Video apps or live streaming apps are now new hot cakes on the plate. A video app can come with the live streaming option and let thousands of people watch videos at the same real-time.

Making a PSL Live Streaming App or live streaming app is quite a profitable choice. Already a lot of people are into it and earning a handsome profit. You may say that developing such an app is difficult. But honestly, with the right guidance, a guy with basic technical knowledge can easily create such apps. Moreover, there are professional developers who can do the job on behalf of you within a very short span of time.

So, when it comes to how to develop a PSL Live Streaming App in 2020, we can give you the right roadmap. The app development process starts with an app idea. Here you already have the app idea. Now you need to think about the features, platforms, and cost.

Features a PSL Live Streaming App should have

The success of an app depends on a greater level on the feature set. The cost of app development also depends on the feature list. It will be better if you keep the effective and important features on your app and eliminate the not-so-important features. In this way, you can improve the user experience and reduce the app development cost. So, now let’s explore the features that a PSL Live Streaming App should have-

  1. Sign-up- any app starts with a signup procedure. It is a common thing but you should not dare to skip it. You should keep this feature as easy as possible with one tap registration benefit.
  2. Profile- it another common yet truly important feature that all apps should have. Here you need to be careful while asking for users’ personal data. If you want a lot of information on the first move, users will not be happy. You should take the minimum information and let users provide the rest information according to their ease.
  3. Streaming- streaming is all about the transmission of video and audio files from a server to users. And there are various protocols to ensure it. RTMP is the most popular protocol. You can use such a protocol. In order to offer a better user experience, you should store the stream on the server.
  4. Donation system- donation system is not an alternative term of paid subscription. The payment subscription is here already. And there is another way of income and that is the donation system. You too can add this feature on your live streaming app and earn more and grow more.
  5. Chat- This is one of the must-have features that you should enable on your app. With the help of this feature, streamers will be able to communicate with their audiences.
  6. Search
  7. Video quality- Your app should have a video quality switching feature. Not your users will have the same type of internet connection. Some will have a good quality internet connection. And in rural areas, people do not get that much strong internet service.
  8. Search- your live streaming app should have a search option so that your users can easily find the video content they wish to watch. It is also a common feature that all apps out there have. And you should not skip this feature by any chance.
  9. UX/UI design- you may know that it is the ultimate way to ensure the best user experience. How smooth your app is going to be, it completely depends on UX/UI design. Mainly at this part of the feature, you will need help from professionals or an app development company.
  10. Privacy- you should enable some privacy options for the streamers. In this way, you can make streamers feel safe on your live streaming app and be a popular choice to all the streamers.
  11. Hosting other streamers- It is a new yet great concept. If a streamer is inactive or does not have any current video to stream, he/she can host other streamers. A lot of live-streaming platforms are enabling this feature to keep the users engaging always.
  12. Screen sharing- maybe it is not a must-have feature. But nowadays, most of the live-streaming apps are coming with the screen sharing feature. In this way, streamers will have a better online conference experience. It is effective for tutorials and game streaming.
  13. Schedule and notifications- it is a common fact that not all your users can watch all the series. And for their convenience, you should enable the stream schedule and notification feature on your app. This feature is also very easy to implement. So, whenever a broadcaster starts streaming, his/her subscribers can join with the help of this feature.

These are the top 13 features (basic+ advanced) that a live streaming app should have in 2020. Based on these features, you can easily calculate the app development cost. The cost will range between $40,000- $80,000. There is another thing that you need to consider when it comes to developing a live streaming app and that is the technical stack.

Technology stack you will require for a live streaming app development-

  • Programming languages
  • Hosting
  • CDN- Content Delivery Network
  • API server
  • Media processing platform
  • Best streaming protocols
  • Database
  • Messaging queues
  • And push notification

With the app idea, feature plan, and technology stack, you are all set to create the next popular live-streaming app. Now you should think about the monetization plan. Mainly there are three types of monetization plans for a live streaming app such as the paid app, freemium, and advertisements. You can choose any one of them according to your app type and requirements. A lot of people think about it just before the app deployment to any app store. But it is always better if you plan everything before starting the development task. In this way, you not only sketch an easy and straight app development roadmap but also strengthen your strategy and app promotion plan.

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