What is a role model? A role model is one whom others look up to. They are an example for people and act as an inspiration. People choose their role models carefully and follow them devotedly. Anyone may wish to be a role model, but few succeed in attaining and maintaining this position.

It is a very big achievement to have certain characteristics that impress people and make them want to adopt those traits in themselves. People choose role models for various reasons, but some characteristics define a person whom people like to follow:

Demonstrates leadership skills

People are respected for their persuasive powers of speaking and the ability to present themselves admirably. Such people are often chosen as representative of their organisation/class/area, owing to their convincing manner of speaking and impressive demeanour. It is their leadership qualities that make other people depend on them and make them a role model. Others hang on to their every word they say and try to copy their manner of speaking and style of dressing.

Sometimes students find a particular teacher as a role model. They are impressed by the teacher’s way of expressing herself or by their attire and tend to listen to her and favour her subject over others.

Is knowledgeable in every topic

Whether it is about current affairs or which company is the Best Assignment Writing Service UK, a role model tries to be knowledgeable in every area. They are a learned person and make wise decisions because they have made it a point to be well-aware of the world around them. They don’t just utter empty words but show understanding and a good sense of judgment. You feel the utmost confidence when asking them for advice or their opinion because you trust their decision.

Shows their concern to other people’s problems

Every one of us has problems to deal with. While we know that all those difficulties may not be solved at once, we are happy to have a sincere person listening to those problems and empathising with us. This is a quality you can see in a role model. They provide comfort and reach out to the person in need. Even where there is a difference in age or language, they are there to lend a shoulder to lean on.

Gives respect to everyone 

If a student is doing well in their academics but does not give respect to others, no one will approach them when in need of help. An arrogant person can never be given the position of a role model by choice. People fear them but do not feel any affection for them nor treat them with respect. Those who show respect to the elderly and the young, the poor and the wealthy, the sick and the healthy, are also respected by others. An admirable role model behaves with kindness to everyone. They never curse or speak in foul language with others.

Confident Many people have great admiration for those who show confidence. This is a trait that makes the person a good role model for others. Being confident and always speaking your mind is not something that can be easily accomplished. If someone speaks with assurance, stands gracefully, and is well-versed, others are more inclined to see that person as a role model.

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