When you aim to score anything above 79 in the PTE Academics exam, you must understand that you need best-of-breed study resources by your side. When quality resources are with you, no aim seems unaccomplished or unrealistic.

But, finding reliable resources is not that easy especially when Google suggests thousands of options. It’s similar to searching for a needle in the haystack – that too, in the night. A PTE aspirant doesn’t have that much time. This is why we have come up with a list of some reliable and useful practice sites that will help you in exam preparation and win over it. So, let’s know more about them.

As the PTE is conducted over a computer, the candidate needs to be good with a computer and should have good typing skills. The PTE exam is 3 hours long with an option of 10 minutes break. The exam is divided into 3 Sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. Below are the question types for the PTE exam:

Speaking & Writing:

  1. Read A Loud
  2. Repeat Sentence
  3. Describe Image
  4. Re-tell lecture
  5. Answer Short Question
  6. Summarize Written Text
  7. Write Essay


  1. Reading & Writing Fill in the blanks
  2. Multiple choice Multiple answers
  3. Reorder Paragraph
  4. Fill in the blanks
  5. Multiple choice Single answers


  1. Summarise spoken text
  2. Multiple choice multiple answer
  3. Fill in the blanks
  4. Highlight correct summary
  5. Multiple choice single answer
  6. Select missing words
  7. Highlight incorrect words
  8. Write from dictation.

Pearson PTE

PTE is conducted and managed by Pearson. So, there is nothing as reliable as the Pearson website for PTE exam preparation. Here, you will get tons of quality study material that will help in your exam preparations. Some of the useful ones are:

·       Official coursebooks

Use it to understand the exam objectives and align your preparation goals with them. It will throw light on some of the key exam aspects like format, marking schemes, and types of questions. All this information is essential for your preparation journey and gives it the right direction.

 ·       PTE Academic Official Practice App

This app is an ideal way to prepare a study planner, engage in practice activities regularly, and get the latest updates on the exam.

 ·       The Pearson PTE website:

The official Pearson mock test which has a set of 3 mock test  ( Mock A, Mock B, Mock C). These mock tests are actual replica for the real exam. The only disadvantage of these mock tests is they are costlier in terms of other mock test platforms. The price of each mock test will range from 30 USD for a different package.


79Score is a PTE exam practice website that is filled with various quality content that any PTE aspirant would ever ask for. It offers you a whole range of PTE practice tests that are then created based on current exam pattern, AI-scored, and endows you with detailed analysis.

Taking the help of this practice site’s PTE mock test will help a candidate to prepare in a simulated exam environment and improve time management skills.

The preparation site also offers AI-driven expert advice to the candidates and helps them gain an insight into the preparation journey. You can find out your strengths and weakness while attempting section-wise practice tests.

They offer one fully scored PTE mock test for free so that aspirants can check the viability of the mock tests. The scored tests don’t contain only answers. They contain detailed explanations which are an added advantage as you can know the facts and concepts that led to the answer.

Also, the result at the platform for PTE mock test or the PTE practice test is available within 10 minutes of giving the exam. This will save you a lot of time while you are preparing in a short time. The AI scoring is based on the rules defined by the official scoring guidelines, which gives you the perfect idea about your preparation.

Additionally, you will get the suggestions based on the targeted score to improve for each mock test. The suggestion will help you to get insight on your mistakes to avoid during the real PTE exam. Also, the questions which are added to the platform are repeated from the last PTE exams.

There are many blogs on the website that speak of some proven tips and tricks to improve the PTE score. In a nutshell, this preparation site offers extensive and assorted assistance that any PTE aspirant would ever ask for.

PTE Exam Online Platform

PTE exam online provides the mock test platform for the PTE aspirant to prepare for the PTE exam. The mock test at the platform provides the evaluation of the mock test to gauge your performance and track your mistakes along your journey of the PTE preparation.

As the PTE is a computer-based exam, the candidate needs to get the exam like environment before giving the actual exam. The online PTE platform which is developed to give you the practice for the PTE is important to get you your desired scored.

Before wrapping up

PTE Academics is not at uphill struggle unless you are equipped with the right kind of study resources and preparation sites. The official Pearson website, 79Score.com practice platform, and PTE Exam Online Platform are our top picks as these three websites are filled with quality content and guide you with proper information. Take their help and no one can stop you to score the passing grades in the PTE Academics exam.


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