Do you miss the time when you could hop on a plane and just go to visit your favorite holiday destination? Or you could take your car to the countryside and enjoy the luxury of the wind hitting your face while you stop at the nearest gas station to appreciate life?

Well, traveling seems like a luxury right now and it is almost impossible to think that we will return to the time when all of this seemed normal. However, the world is getting back to normal slowly as the vaccines for the virus are under development.

We hope scientists and researchers come up with a cure soon. Until then, get your notebook and update all the places that you should visit post corona while you search for the Write My Essay service because one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that life is too short to plan our trips for ten years later.

Several countries are now opening flights and their borders along with hotels, explain the European Best Destinations Organization (EBD).

Tbilisi, Georgia

This is the capital of Georgia and is one of the regions that were least affected by the virus. Many citizens barely faced any form of lockdown, even though remote work was encouraged. The government was very efficient in coming up with the measures, which means that the pandemic rate is almost nonexistent there.

On July 1st, the country started operating the travel services again by implementing all the necessary health measures to protect the travelers and the citizens. It is an open-minded destination that brings you the familiarity of the past but also presents an ideal destination for today’s culture that has evolved over time.

Tbilisi is five times safer than Paris and London when it comes to the crime rate, so you do not have to worry about that either.

Corfu, Greece

Greece was also not quite affected by the coronavirus in Europe because the healthcare system operated with a strategy that kept people safe. Their system was not overburdened with patients of COVID-19 coming every hour. Experts say that the reason behind this is that Greece has a lot of hospital beds as compared to other European countries. From a tourist point of view, it is famous for recreation and nature.

Cavtat, Croatia

If you are a sports lover, then we suggest that you go to Croatia as soon as possible. It is a famous destination for families who enjoy astronomy and all kinds of water sports. Croatia is also quite safe when it comes to the risk of coronavirus as it is one of the European countries with the highest number of hospitals per inhabitant. You can check out all the private villas and release the stress of the pandemic. So which destination are you picking after the quarantine because travel is long overdue for everyone?.

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