Summer is finally here and it is a time for enjoying all kinds of fresh delicacies such as a banana smoothie. Real smoothie aficionados would tell you that every time of the year is a good time for a smoothie and they are probably right. But as we have access to all kinds of fresh fruit during summer we have the impression that smoothies are even more enjoyable during this time of the year.

Out of all options, one of the most delicious and possibly the most satisfying is a banana smoothie. Bananas are a great choice for a smoothie because they are naturally sweet but also full of important nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C.  A banana smoothie is good for health and energizing and thus a good choice for light breakfast or snack during summer.  It is also super simple to make. Above all there taste allows you to combine them with practically all other ingredients to satisfy every taste.

In this text, we are going to share with you three tips for making a simple, mouth-watering banana smoothie. Just, before we go on we would like to mention that if you wish for the best smoothie you need Best Personal Blender.

How to Make a Banana Smoothie With Milk

Milk is one of the ingredients most commonly used for a banana smoothie so we will see how to make a banana smoothie with milk. To get satisfaction out of your beverage the best you can do is use completely ripe fruit. If you want a thicker and creamier option you should cut it in slice and freeze it. Put the slices in the blender or a food processor, add milk, and turn on the machine. The amount of milk that you will use depends on how much fruit you put and what level of thickness you prefer. If you add more milk you will have a thinner smoothie. Bananas are as we mentioned naturally sweet but if you prefer sweeter beverage you can add honey, sugar, agave syrup, or some other sweetener. Additionally, if you like the stronger taste or you want to play with mixing flavors you are welcome to try adding a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg or a similar spice.   In case you like a colder variation you can make a banana smoothie with ice cubes. 

With Yogurt

One of the best options for a healthy and delicious summer breakfast is a combination of smoothie banana and strawberry. Same as in the case of the previous you will get the best result with ripe bananas peeled and cut into slices. Keep in mind that it is important to wash the strawberries properly and cut all the stems. They will blend better if you cut them as well. After you prepared the fruit put it in blender or processor. Then add the yogurt. If you don’t want that the smoothie is super thick add some juice – we found that the orange juice goes well in this combination. In case you are not a fan of orange juice you can add another one that you like. Additionally, same as the previous smoothie you can add some honey or sugar or another sweetener in case you want a sweeter taste. Keep in mind though that sugar contains quite a lot of calories so if you are looking to lose weight it is better to keep it simple and make just a banana smoothie with yogurt.

With Vanilla Extract

Kids usually love only things that are not good for them such as chocolate and candies. Therefore you will find that more often than not it is a real struggle to make them drink or eat healthy things. That’s why we propose that you offer them this wonderful banana smoothie for kids as we are sure they will love it. You will need ripe bananas, plain Greek yogurt, milk (you can use cow milk or one of the vegetal options), and a bit of vanilla extract that gives nice flavor and sweetness to attract kids. There are also Greek yogurt variations with pre-added vanilla. 

Conclusion: Smoothies are becoming a more and more popular choice for those who want to enjoy a healthy breakfast or snacks. Although it is possible to get them in many cafes and even supermarkets keep in mind that the healthiest and the most nutritious options are those that you make by yourself. This counts for all types including banana smoothie. Do you like smoothies? Do you have some recipes that you would like to share with us?

Authors Bio: Nellie Rodriguez is a nutritionist, blogger, and journalist living in Oregon City and writing for several magazines and portals including different websites. She researches healthy food options and recipes and shares them with our readers because she believes that is crucial to inform people about food that can improve their health.

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