According to Statistica, 1.8 billion individuals around the world bought goods via online shopping platforms in 2018. The e-retail sales value for the same year was $2.8 trillion. By 2021, this projection will grow to $4.8 trillion (almost double). This projection is clear proof that a majority of people believe online shopping is better than in-store shopping. Online shopping includes app-based purchases, mobile website purchases, and website purchases. Here are some of the practical reasons why people prefer online shopping experience over the other.

More products

It is very easy to surf multiple products online rather than walking from one store to another. Many e-platforms offer products from several sellers filtered via genre and categories. 75% of customer product searches on e-commerce sites are unique every month. 69% of customers mentioned that they expect to see new products on the online store every time they visit. This dynamic nature allows customers to access a wide range of products within a short time from the comfort of their homes.

Voucher codes and discounts

There is a financial reason why online shopping is better than in-store. It is tough to find vouchers for in-store unless there is a discount sale. In 2017, the digital coupon redemption amount was $47 billion worldwide. There are numerous third-party websites offering coupons. Moreover, the e-stores offer exclusive codes and discounts for all products, specific brands, a particular payment method, etc. Such exclusive discounts are rare in stores. The online market is very competitive, and brands try to gain the upper hand by offering discounts for online buyers.

Home delivery

The comfort you experience while you shop online is better than store shopping. The main element of this comfort is home delivery with product tracking. Many stores indeed provide home delivery, but you cannot find all products in stores where they offer home delivery. Moreover, not many stores offer product tracking for the packages. It is even possible to enjoy overnight delivery, express delivery, free delivery, and so on in online shopping. This advantage eliminates the social stigma associated with buying specific healthcare, medicine, or entertainment products. Moreover, house-ridden customers (senior citizens, disabled customers, and injured individuals) can enjoy regular shopping.


The number of features you can enjoy while you shop online is better and superior to store-based features. These features include quick purchase based on last order, automated refill remainder (for medicines), and so on. Thus, the total amount of time spent on an e-platform gets reduced to just a couple of minutes, if the customer prefers quick shopping. On the other hand, the customer need not walk from store to store, fight for parking, stand in a long queue for checking out, and so on.


Every brick-and-mortar store can’t be open 24/7. Say, you work the graveyard shift, and you are awake or free only during non-business hours. In such cases, online shopping is better, and in many cases, the only option. Every online store is open 24/7. Many online stores even offer 24/7 customer support services too.

Avoid crowds

It is possible to make spontaneous purchases multiple times on the same day, without breaking a sweat. You need not deal with crowd, awkward interaction, or even a parking-space crunch. You also need not spend on fuel and driving time in traffic, especially if you live in a busy city. You will not get bombarded by staff trying to convince you to buy products that offer them a higher margin or those in their sales target.


Online shopping is better, especially when you like to shop on the go. You can order products for someone else in another city and choose COD for the other party to pay or pay via online methods. Thanks to online shopping, gifting is much easier now. You can send your purchases to anywhere in the country or even overseas (some sites) with ease. Many websites offer free delivery for a minimum order and within a specific state or country.


Why is online shopping better when you buy electronics or medicines? You can find in-depth information about each product. You can compare two brands and different models and choose the one that suits you. It is also easier to compare between two online stores without spending the whole day. Say you are buying a mobile phone. You can filter via price to find options within the budget. You can compare the specifications provided under each product. Brand online stores offer in-depth specific information about the products. Such a personalized service is not always possible in a brick-and-mortar store, especially when the shop runs low on staff or is overcrowded.

Payment options

Why is online shopping better than store shopping in terms of payment? Under the COD method, a user can enjoy the trust that is indeed associated with store shopping. Many stores now offer bank cards and cash payment methods. However, online stores like Desertcart offer bank transfer, mobile wallets, virtual cash, and many other options, including COD, bank cards, and others.

Easy return and cancel

A customer’s experience in returning products in online shopping is better than offline stores. You can quickly return products as the store will send its logistic team to collect it from you and refund your money. If you wish to cancel your order, most of the stores allow you to do so without any fee if the shipment has not left the premises. Numerous stores offer no-questions-asked return policies for many products within a timeframe.

These points show that online shopping is better than offline shopping. However, it is also essential to choose a reliable store. Due diligence is necessary while shopping (both online and offline). You need to understand the basics of online shopping, like creating an account, choosing products to add to the cart, performing online transactions, and so on. Customers from the golden era (senior citizens) might find it hard to grasp the concepts. Last but not least, security is a significant element to consider. The security of payment gateways and the reliability of the site are essential. If you wish to avoid such hassles, it is best to choose the COD option

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