There’s no denying the fact that Football is considered as the most lovable and popular sport in the world. The majority is die-hard fans of soccer, and they can do their best to watch the live tournaments and Premier League. But, in their busy schedule, soccer fans often find themselves busy in such a way that they find impossible to just sit in front of their cable TVs to watch live soccer matches. However, they’re lucky enough for the fact that they don’t have to be glued themselves in front of TVs when they can watch their favourite football match on few of the best streaming sites anytime and anywhere. 

And, to make the search process easier for you, in this blog we’ve listed the top 9 free sports streaming sites. So, continue reading further to know a few of the best sports free streaming sites for yourself:

1. First Row Sports: As the website load very fast, it makes the process to watch soccer live simple and easy. The site offers its users the opportunity to watch live soccer matches along with basketball, rugby etc without any distractions.


  • Loads Quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth Functioning
  • Decent Stream Quality
  • Occasionally displayed ads
  • Streams other sports as well

2. Feed2All: On this site, soccer lovers can get enough of live video feeds related to almost every soccer match from all over the world. With a feature called ‘Flag next to the video link’ users will able to distinguish between the national and international league. Feed2All also lets users watch other popular sports like cricket.


  • One of the most active website
  • Better Streaming Quality
  • Users can watch other popular games

3. Live Soccer TV: This Football streaming site allows the soccer fans to watch the best of the best Football matches and that to live. The site has been designed in such a way that one can find matches, competitions, channels and team etc without any difficulty. Along with showing live matches, the site also posts the latest news and useful information mainly about Football.


  • One can access the site in a neat way
  • It has both iOS and Android mobile app
  • Offers users convenience
  • Displays a lot of important information on a wide range of sports

4. Stream2Watch: Stream2watch site offers the opportunity in front of users to chat with other users while watching the same sports ‘Live streaming.’ On this site, one can even schedule the viewing of football match very easily. To have a better experience on this site, it is suggested that one should open this site from the Chrome browser only.


  • Offers the chat opportunity with others while watching live sports
  • Streams other sports like Wrestling, Motor and Golf sports.
  • Smooth and seamless user interface

5. FromHOTs: Not only Soccer but, FromHOTs also offers the streaming of various famous sports like basketball, tennis, hockey and cricket etc. On the site, users can even categorize about their more than one favourite sports stream into the switchable site tabs. To have a better experience, watch the video after plugin into the browser.


  • Offers live-streaming for all other sports matches
  • Sports streaming works quite well even with no plugins.
  • Better functioning

6. Sportscar.TV: The site provides a wide range of sports content along with the feature to watch your favourite match according to the dates. It has very easy to use tools that offer attractive as well as user-friendly site layout. By many users, the site is considered an excellent option to watch soccer live streaming along with other famous sports.


  • Free from the registration requirement process
  • Ease with searching matches streaming
  • Highest-rated sports website with easy to use interface

7. WatchESPN: If you’re into US sports then this site is considered as the best option for the same. On the site, one can watch with ease, all the Football matches along with other sports like WWE, golf, hockey, cricket, as well as Commonwealth Games etc that were earlier offered only by ESPN TV.


  • Best for streaming soccer and American Football tournaments
  • Easily watch replays, highlights and live scores of matches
  • Well-organized site
  • Offers almost all kinds of sports streaming
  • Accessible from any place
  • Gives matches updates regularly

8. Hotstar: Developed by Star Network, Hotstar is home to various sports from all around the world. On Hotstar one can watch live-streaming of sports like hockey, cricket, football, tennis, boxing and golf etc. Along with sports one can even watch unlimited movies, TV series and can listen to music as well.


  • HD-Quality Sports Videos
  • Streaming of sports like badminton, hockey, cricket, boxing etc.
  • Watch Star Channel broadcasted tournaments and Premier League directly on the site.

9. Social 442: The site is primarily dedicated to Football live-streaming. One can easily watch all football games and tournaments from all around the world on your phone screen.


  • Hassle-free streaming
  • Contains no-ads and phishing elements.
  • Provides Notification about all sports matches to Subscribers
  • The HD-Quality streaming quality of sports videos

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