These services which you see around yourself, the services which you use daily for your own purpose. How do you think this works? Ever thought how your messenger services work 24 hours and almost throughout the year continuously. How these services do is able to work with such efficiency. Who are those people who are behind these services?

IT sector has flourished drastically nowadays and it is continuing its growth exponentially. These sectors have specific departments which are responsible for making these services reachable to each and every of its user. These IT sector departments will make sure that its services get distributed without any interruption or problem across the globe. These people always make sure that all of the services run smoothly 24 hours and 365 days. These IT sector departments specifically employ people for these jobs.

These jobs attract lots of people and if anyone wants to pursue a career in this field or sector then he/she should approach the ITIL certificate course or study. But wait, first, you will have to know all of the systems of the IT sector works and after that then you will have to register yourself in this certification course. So let’s first talk about the structure of the IT sector and how all this system works in a coordinated manner so that it can extract 100 percent from its employees.

What is ITIL and how this whole thing works?

The information technology infrastructure library is popularly known as the ITIL. ITIL is basically a structure with a few rules or basic fundamental which are generally used to operate any IT service of corporate. Great Britain was the first country to introduce ITIL to manage data amends information more effectively in the data centers operated by the government. Due to the successful implementation of ITIL in the whole of Britain, later on, it starts getting used in the whole world.

One of the most useful benefits or advantage of ITIL was that it makes the delivery of services very easy are nondescript quick by the documented process. Due to the introduction of new methodology, the IT companies started paying their attention to new IT services while keep supporting the older ones or versions.

Let’s talk about the stages or phases of the ITIL services and how they work and are being used by IT firms. So basically there are 5 stages: –

  1. Service Strategy

Mainly this phase focus on producing a strategy for the IT services. While being in this phase the candidates will mainly learn about the environment in the corporate sector. The candidates are mainly taught about corporate culture. Business strategies and multiple policies are also included in this phase. These multiple things will help the candidates to cope up with the old strategies and later on come on the new strategies as well.

  • Service Design

In this stage, the candidates are taught about the analyzing capacity of the company towards its designing updated services and making the old ones better.

  • Service transition

This stage is totally dedicated to production for testing and the quality check measurements after the development of such services.

  • Service operation

This stage is totally continued for the management of services while they are in the production stage. The event management, the support, assistance, access management are the issues that you will have to address during this stage.

  • Continuous service improvement

As you can judge through its name this stage is totally dedicated to improving the services as much as you can and it more smooth for the clients. In this stage, you will have to make that the services are following all the rules and regulations. It should not breach any terms and policies.

Any of the candidates who wants a secret mantra for the success in its sector and management can take up this certification program. This certification program will also help you to get familiar with the corporate environment and how to deal with this.

How to get this certificate?

This exam is conducted by the AXELOS and every candidate will have to pass the exam in order to gain a certificate. You will have to answer at least 65% of the questions correctly.

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