Abu Dhabi may have its capabilities at the superficial level of modernity and luxury, but bubbling below the surface is a thriving center of art and culture, started by the newly opened conqueror Louvre Abu Dhabi. The city’s art scene now has a chance to shine, and so, there are great places to visit the culture.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second-largest airport in UAE after Dubai International Airport. Pakistani passengers can go directly to this airport if they book the Airblue online flights. Amazingly, given the pleasant weather of the city throughout the year, visitors can plan their trip at any time of the year. Here are some spots in Abu Dhabi for the people who are obsessed with arts and artifacts.

1.      Louvre Abu Dhabi: An Ideal Spot to Witness the International Art

At the beginning of a decade, Louvre finally criticized Abu Dhabi in November 2017. Inside the exhibition space, 12 galleries of 55 buildings give an example of highlights and treasures of an era. Each room clearly goes to the next: Proof of time travel and the museum itself is carefully planned.

The collection consists of local pieces, as well as loans from major French institutions such as Pompeo Center and, of course, the Louvre.

2.      Manarat Al Sadiaat: Workshops and Interactive Programs

Minaret Al Saadat, a longtime institution on the Abu Dhabi Art Scene, was launched in November 2017 and included new art and photography studios to provide a space where the public can work on their projects with a team of artists. Photographers and specialists are part of the ongoing program of special workshops, performances, films, and music screenings. Manarat Al Sadiaat also serves as the site of the Abu Dhabi Art, an annual event that attracts creators and galleries from around the world.

3.      Warehouse 421: Local and Domestic Art Scene

Launched in 2015, Warehouse 421 has transformed a warehouse in the historic port of Mina into a gallery and cultural site where much of the work is centered in the UAE or by Emirati artists. Themes change quarterly, and previous exhibitions have provided insights into local life with new abilities of the Emirati family, Arab posters from across the region, and photographs of the Emirati family in the late 20th century.

4.      Etihad Modern Art Gallery: Best Place to Find New Artists

Etihad Modern Art Gallery is one of the smallest galleries in the city and is out of the ordinary. This is a free space to explore. Exhibitions considered for local and regional artists focus on Middle Eastern art, but international artists are also regular hosts. Exhibitions change every month and are free. After browsing the gallery, you can stroll through the Art House Cafe with a cup of coffee in the appropriate creative setting, as soon as the gallery is managed by the owners. Sit back and admire the unique decoration. This colorful and charming, comfortable table with tables and chairs made of oil barrels is a perfect addition to Abu Dhabi.

5.      Etihad Antique Gallery: Antiques and Artifacts

The Etihad Gallery of Antiquities is located next to the Etihad Gallery of Modern Art (it has nothing to do with it, though their names are similar), and is a treasure trove of beautiful and intriguing gestures from all over the world. The collector can buy corruptions, and even the enthusiasts will enjoy hanging out one afternoon and collecting hoardings of Mughal jewelry, coins, swords, and doors. In the vicinity of this place, you will also find various cheap hotels that offer top-notch accommodation choices for the guests.

6.      Julia Ibbini: Unique Art Pieces

Artist Julia Ebene ​​has spent years working with computers, drawings, photographs, and paintings, but it is her delicate work of paper that has made her a local name. After learning how technology could be used to such an extent that it is not possible, he decided to use laser machines to revive his intricate and intricate designs on Arab-inspired doors, magnificent arches, and palace passages. The resulting works are notable for their incredible visual celebration of colors, intricate patterns, and layers, and the two are not identical.

7.      Women Handicraft Center: Traditional Craft for Women

Stop by an old exhibition about life in Abu Dhabi’s pre-oil boom and you’ll be amazed at what you’ve found, but keep going to the counter to buy tickets. They will then take you to a handicraft village where you will find some very authentic gifts from Abu Dhabi. Each room at the Women’s Craft Center has traditional features and showcases local women, UNESCO-recognized textile fabrics, and woven fabrics.


Generally, people go to the UAE in order to discover the monumental buildings and bustling city life. However, one must also think about exploring the unchartered territories of art. So don’t wait further and visit faremakers.com to book your flight tickets for the UAE.

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