Modern education is very different from traditional education.

While traditional education focuses on memorization, modern education is all about holistic education. Modern education concentrates on overall development.

It aims to develop in-depth knowledge not just in the conventional topics of maths, science, social sciences but also across a wide variety of subjects including current affairs, sports, space sciences, and heritage to name a few.

Quizzing is reinventing traditional classroom learning. It is the bridge between modern and traditional education.

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution for your child’s overall education?

Interested in interactive technology for helping your child?

Need an e-learning tool for making education fun?

Looking for an app that helps to build up your child’s confidence?

Look no further!

The Quizopedia is an interactive quizzing app that offers knowledge building with unlimited fun!

No age barrier

The Quizopedia is perfect for kids of all ages. It helps you choose your class levels starting from Class-1 till Class 12. The different classes include:

  • Primary: Class 1 and 2
    • Upper Primary: Class 3, 4, and 5
    • Middle: Class 6,7, and 8
    • Secondary: Class 9,10, 11, and 12.

With questions based on different classes, it offers age-appropriate information as well as quizzing challenge for the students.

Build the knowledge

Quizopedia offers a wide variety of subjects including current affairs, heritage, science, sports, and wildlife. It’s a master of all app that lets you explore genres like famous Indian personalities, Indian cinema, business and economy, and even the cyber world.

Business and Economy Quiz

Brain Quizzing

Alphabet series, analogies, puzzle tests, and number tests are great brain stimulants. Regular brain quizzing helps kids boost their memory, focus, and concentration.

Brain Games Questions

Unlimited practice tests

The best part of The Quizopedia is its unlimited question bank. While most quizzing apps provide limited access to practice tests, The Quizopedia offers unlimited practice tests.

Improve with every step

The smart design of the app helps children improve their performance at every step. With the help of different levels of difficulty – Easy, Medium, and Hard, they can build up their level of proficiency at their own pace and convenience.

Learn about India

Most quizzing apps are developed by western countries and their knowledge bank focuses on the western world. The Quizopedia concentrates on India-specific information. It offers current affairs, history, science, and geography which is related to India as well as the world. One of the most unique features of the app is its coverage of Vedic culture and heritage.

On this day

Quizopedia’s unique feature “Today In History” is a fun lesson in general knowledge. Learn about interesting things that happened in history on each day. Read about different fun facts of different realms of life.

Great App Features

The Quizopedia is simple and easy to use the app even for younger kids.  It is free to use and the registration process can be completed in a jiffy. It’s interactive features make it an interesting app for kids as well as parents.

Other Benefits

Learning through The Quizopedia brings with it other benefits like:

  • Help excel in external competitions like National Olympiads
    • Makes education more interesting and engaging
    • Builds up self-confidence

Give your child a boost of fun, knowledge, and confidence! Download the app today!

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