If you want to brace the JEE then you need to be extremely thorough with the question papers. This is only possible when you actually sit down with the previous years’ question papers and also the sample question papers and start solving them.

Steps to follow before JEE

The few following steps will be helpful before you take the test on the D-day:

 Step 1: get hold of a syllabus for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Step 2: go through it thoroughly and understand each and every aspect of it.

Step 3: start studying well within time and understand everything. Also, try to clarify your doubts.

Step 4: get the jee sample papers and start solving them one at a time and try to complete them within the given time.

Step 5: take the help of the answer keys to the sample papers and tally your answers. This will help you to understand your mistakes and work on them.

Step 6: keep on practicing as it is the best solution to overcome your exam woes and fears. You will be filled with great confidence and will be able to deliver a stupendous performance in your exam.

Things to follow on the exam day

Here is a list of things that you must follow on the day of the JEE. It will be good if you keep these things in mind and go ahead with the exam. These are made to avoid any unforeseen situations at the exam centre:

  1. The entrance gates of the exam centers will be opened at least 2.5 hours before the exam begins. Following this, each of the candidates will be frisked by the metal detectors so that no one carries any sharp objects. It is advised to reach the exam centre well before time so that you are not late for the exam.
  2. The examinees have to carry their JEE admit card and have to produce it before the invigilator. You also need to carry an identity proof to enter the exam hall. Examinees must keep everything ready before reaching the exam centre so that it they do not forget anything.
  3. Candidates belonging to the PWD category are supposed to bring their duly signed PWD certificate in the format as prescribed by the authorities so that there is no confusion during the exam.
  4. Candidates are strictly prohibited from carrying phones, calculators, watches with calculators, pagers, etc. and any textual materials like log tables, books, notebooks, etc. in the exam hall.
  5. Carrying of medicines or any food items is also strictly prohibited in the exam hall.

Syllabus for JEE

JEE aspirants can go through the exam syllabus for all the three subjects on the online sites. This will help them in getting a clear idea about what they know and what they need to know more. This will help them to answer the questions on the exam day without any problem or tension. The syllabus will help the aspirants to prepare accordingly for each of the papers. They can as well form their own strategies and go ahead with the preparations. The JEE main syllabus usually comprises topics and chapters of which the students are already aware as these are from their class 11 and 12 syllabi with a slightly increased level of difficulty.

Solving the JEE sample papers by Vedantu will be beneficial to understand the question types and patterns and gain enough writing speed. The more you practice the more will it help you to stay relaxed and calm on the day of the final exam? It will not give you frights and you will be able to focus perfectly well on writing your answers. Choose the questions wisely and understand it before you start answering them. Avoid hurrying in the exam as it will only lead to careless mistakes and losing out on the marks. It is pointless to do so as you surely will be working very hard for the exam.

Taking the exam seriously and preparing for it with all your might and dedication is what is needed. Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, one is sure to excel in the upcoming exam.

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