You don’t use transition glasses because you haven’t yet considered its hassle-free side. Apart from getting prescribed glasses, we already have enough hassle about where we keep and remember them, we don’t fancy another problem anymore. We all love the sun, but the sun as we know supplies many detrimental effects to our skin and our eyes as well. We need sunglasses every time we go out to fight the harmful UV rays that penetrate our eyes and make them vulnerable towards permanent vision loss. 

 The real problem, people with glasses face is the hassle of changing your prescription glasses with sunglasses depending upon the need. Many of us, even college students, can’t commit to carrying two different glasses and hence we often neglect protecting us from the sun. It turns into a burden when you are going for a picnic with your family or a trip with your friends, you’ll spend most of your time exchanging glasses and the other time remembering where you put them. Believe me, that’s what I did the whole summer. 

Many give up using sunglasses or carry two pairs because it turns tedious and often forgetful. However, we shouldn’t be doing that because extended hours of sun’s UV rays lead to several eye diseases like cataracts or vision loss. That’s when transition lenses hit the nail in the head. Transition glasses brought two different things together too conveniently that we can’t help to adapt to our daily lifestyles. After all, glasses are a fashion accessory that should be changed with time and need. 

What are Transition glasses?

Transition glasses are also known as photochromic glasses. Let me break it down into a more simplified one, its glasses that turn into sunglasses when you step out of the room. Transition glasses are like your normal glasses, it contains the right prescription advised by your doctor but when you step out in the sun, it’s obvious you need sunglasses. Transition glasses lenses change darker and act as sunglasses that offer vision and UV protection. 

What are the benefits of wearing Transition glasses?

Transition glasses are the new cool among Millenials as it’s convenient that fits your packed schedule and gets great value. It seamlessly transforms you from the intellectual to the cool guy in sunglasses. 

It is convenient as you don’t need to carry two glasses anymore or fear of losing them, things will get done with one pair only. You don’t need to know the weather forecast to see it’s going to be sunny as you are already equipped with your armor. 

Why will transition glasses be the new gem in the fashion accessory?

Many of you need to up your fashion game with glasses. Glasses are a pure artistic fashion accessory that is changed to transform your look and personality. Transition glasses are one of those glasses that’s not only too convenient and add greater value to your vision and lifestyle but it’s winning the fashion game.

Transition glasses are available in the stunning and modernistic design of glasses frames sorted in aviators, round, wayfarer, cat-eye, square, rectangle and Clubmasters. The new design, colours, and pattern make them the most elegant piece that overshines on your work attire, date night outfit or casual look.  Go ahead and get rid of the usual way of carrying two different pairs. Try the transition glasses. Transition glasses at Specscart are available in a free home trial for up to 4 frames for 7 days. Transition lenses and all its glasses are free fully loaded with anti-glare, anti-scratch,anti-UV and impact resistance. Switch your glasses with a fresh styled pair that tech proof, it changes with the warmth of the room.

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