When it comes to satellite internet connectivity options, many of the entrepreneurs and businessmen may not consider VSAT technology for getting WAN links in our organizations or broadband services in our homes.  In the fast-developing regions of the globe like the Middle East and North Africa, the need for uncompromised and seamless connectivity is ever so high. 

With various industries booming in these regions can do much better with dependable services for VSAT in the Middle East. Enterprises related to the modern economic sectors and those associated with military and political organizations require consistent access to reliable data for their smooth functioning. Reliable connectivity to the internet is of high significance for organizations in remote locations.

A dependable Satellite internet, Middle East can offer you several advantages over broadband connectivity and terrestrial VSAT connections.  Before you think that mobile internet technologies and high-speed direct fiber to the home are a better option of VSAT, you need to think again, considering several aspects and problems you may have encountered during the day-to-day functioning of the organization.

A lot is going around in the arena of satellite technologies, with many advancements taking place. VSAT services are now connecting with the home internet broadband and WAN links in the corporate industry to give unlimited and unbroken internet access.

What Is VSAT Satellite Technology?

VSAT is the abbreviated form of the word very small aperture terminals.  The connectivity system comprises three main parts, including the satellite, a central hub, and several smaller nodes positioned at different remote locations forming Star Topology (for bigger networks) or Mesh Topology (for smaller networks).

All these smaller nodes communicate with the central aperture with the help of the satellite. Additionally, the internet and terrestrial MPLS networks may be integrated with the VSAT network and it can get accomplished at a NOC at the central aperture.

We, at Vizocom, have been ‘trying to incorporate VSAT at signals from nearly 30 satellites worldwide’ specializing in the Ku and C bands. Our solutions for Satellite Internet, Middle East, provide for high throughput performance capabilities in excess of 100 GBPS per satellite.

With the offering of global connectivity services in the remotest and deepest locations backed by 24*7*365 technical support with 99.5 – 99.9 percent availability, we are your ‘best partner in 2020’ for back up internet VSAT services. Read on further to learn about how you can leverage most of the networks of VSAT in the Middle East.

  • Remote Location Access: This is the hallmark of the traditional satellite internet networks. To understand this, consider the following situation. The satellite in the geosynchronous orbit covers nearly 33 percent of the Earth’s surface, rendering connectivity in the region it covers. Also, a satellite can be focused on the particular high-density region multiple satellites work in collaboration for giving global coverage.

With the service of VSAT in the Middle East, organizations will have a seamless functioning to carry data alongside the latency-sensitive applications, including the voice and video. Multicast applications like audio and video streaming (digital signage applications) are also feasible.

  • Internet access: In addition to the point to point WAN links, the VSAT internet can offer excellent backup internet access. The ‘always on’ broadband internet services are possible only with VSAT networks.
  • Rapid deployment: After the satellite is put in orbit, it is feasible to carry out are rapid deployments at customer premises (even at the remotest location) using the right equipment fairly easily. There is a need for a high degree of training for installing this.
  • Data encryption with VPN: satellite provides for the encryption data transmitted between two or more than to sites creating virtual private networks. Thus, VSAT networks find a lot of favor with government and defense connectivity systems

You may reach out to our official website of Vizocom.com. Get more information on satellite internet in the Middle East and VSAT in the Middle East to learn how you can leverage it to boost your organization’s productivity.

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