Cookie tin boxes can be uses to store tea bags and use them later on for months. Drinking tea every morning can make you feel fresh and can help to kick start your day with energy. Teabags are a must if you are looking to start your day with morning tea. If you want to keep your tea bags safe and don’t want them to go wrong, then you should try to make a custom tea box for yourself. A tea box is essential because it has a lot of benefits. Whether you want to store your tea bags, want to gift them, or want them to stay fresh, these boxes can be perfect for you. Making a cookie tin box on your own isn’t a challenging task at all, and you don’t have to be a professional to be able to create cookie tin boxes. 

Use Cookie tins to create a home for teabags.

We all love eating cookies, and a lot of cookie tins go to waste after we finish up eating the cookie. All of us are stocked up with cookie boxes, but we don’t know what to do with them. Many of us are not aware that cookie tin boxes can be an ideal tea box. Now you don’t have to throw away your cookie tins in the recycling bins because there are alternate ways to use them. 

Decorative cookie tin box for gifting tea bags

There are a lot of regions in the world that have a special tea and tea bags. Sending tea bags as a gift is considered to be an elegant and precious gift in many parts of the world. It is essential to decorate the boxes in style so that they can be presentable. Stylish cookie tins can be ideal for gifting tea bags. They already have a modern design, so you don’t have to try too hard to revamp the design of the boxes. The tins are made from durable material and can last for a long time. They are made from food-grade material, so it is safe to package your tea bags in them.

Polka dot tin boxes for your tea bags

If you crazy about eye-catching interiors and are concerned about every little item placed in your home, then a tin box you have in your house also needs to be pretty. The kitchen is an area where we make frequent visits in a day, and if we have friends and family over to our house, they also get to visit the kitchen. A cup of fresh tea during the evening or after dinner is a must thing, so the tea box should be attractive and presentable. Polka dots tea boxes look stylish and beautiful and can give a modern touch to the packaging. The rainbow polka dots could provide a youthful feeling and brighten the mood and vibe of the kitchen. You can make a colorful and modern statement by using these tin boxes to preserve your teabags. The tin boxes are made with stainless steel and are perfect for carrying with you while you are traveling to other countries.

Tin box with handles for storing your tea bags

When we are going on a trip or just going somewhere in the city for a picnic, a tea box is a must thing to have with us. A tea subscription box might not be able to protect the tea bags and might not be able to withstand the changing weather when you are outside. Tin boxes with handles can make it easy for you to carry and hold the tin boxes when you are on the go. When you stop by somewhere, and you are tired of traveling all day, having a cup of tea made up of green tea bags is every traveler’s dream. You might not get access to the tea of your taste in every country you visit, so it is great to carry your tea box along with you. The box with handles can be convenient and easy to carry and can be quickly taken out from your luggage bag.

Tin boxes for your tea bags with windows Taking the tea bags out of the box can be tiresome, and you also need to keep track of how many tea bags are remaining in the box. The window boxes can allow you to check out the tea bags from the outside and can make you aware that you need to shop for more tea bags. It is hard to miss a day without tea, so a window tea box can help you to keep a watch on the quantity of the boxes and still keep them fresh.

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