Recently, it’s been impossible to turn on the news without hearing about the Coronavirus Infection Outbreak – Fatalities, Quarantines, Complete Disruption of our Way of Lives, & Most Importantly “FEAR”.

With approximately 31 thousand confirmed cases and over 1000 dead, it caused an alarming situation throughout the world.

Headlines like these only make our fears worse.

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What is Pandemic?

A pandemic is a global disease outbreak. Planning for the pandemic viral outbreak by business and industry is essential to minimize a pandemic’s impact.

In the event of a pandemic, employers will play a key role in protecting employees’ health and safety as well as in limiting the impact on the economy and society.

Employers will likely experience employee absenteeism, changes in patterns of trade/ business and interrupted supply and delivery schedules.

Proper planning will allow employers in the public and private sectors to better protect their employees and lessen the impact of a pandemic on society and the economy.

How the virus spreads?

Viruses are transmitted via the following main routes:

  • Through the air.
  • Through close contact
  • Via the hands
  • Through contact with contaminated objects

How a Severe Pandemic Could Affect Workplaces?

Workers are often in close contact, sharing the same space, supplies, and equipment for long periods of time. When sick workers are at work, they can spread the virus to others and increase the number of people who become sick.

Hence it is important to make sure your workplace has a contingency plan that includes policies and procedures that are flexible.

Hygiene in the event of a pandemic

There are 3 ways in which a workplace can plan hygiene security during a pandemic viral outbreak-


Every employee of the company/institution should practice personal good habits that can help keep people from getting and/or spreading the virus. This include-

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (Check out our range of Hand Hygiene Solutions)
  • Use at least a 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available
  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue


These are strategies that organization/ corporate leaders can plan. This includes-

  • Make sick- leave policies more feasible
  • Allow workers to telework, if feasible
  • Decrease the frequency of contact among people at work
  • Increase space between people at work to at least 3 feet
  • Postpone or Cancel events that facilitate large gatherings of people


This strategy should be undertaken to reduce the risk of spread infections. It includes-

  • Regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces and objects with proper disinfectants and cleaners
  • Keep Personal Protective Equipment like Surgical Masks, Gloves, Googles, etc handy which can be used in case of emergency.

It is important for an employer to be prepared to take actions that are appropriate for the level of severity of the local pandemic outbreak. You should consider what extra measures you can take to protect workers in a pandemic, and put appropriate plans in place.

Hygienetech Offers the following infection control solutions to help prepare your organization against the threat of acquired infections :

  • Supply of very High Quality of Protective Gear – Face Masks, Gloves, & HAZMAT Suits.
  • Supply of Sensor-Based Thermometers.
  • Supply of the Most Exhaustive Range of HandWash Liquid Soaps, Dispensers & Hand Sanitizers.
  • Supply of Hand Drying Products & Machines.
  • SteriShield L.L (Long Lasting) Treatment – Most vulnerable surfaces in the workplace to be provided SteriShield Coating – A nanolayer that continuously draws in microbes & gives a 100% kill by Lysis – Works for 90 Days and kills microbes 24/7.
  • Professional Workplace sterilization and fumigation services for infection prevention and control.

For more information on how to increase the hygiene security of your workplace for an outbreak or pandemic, contact Hygienetech India Pvt Ltd.

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