Are you looking for party ideas for your friend’s birthday party? Do you want your friends to enjoy to the fullest? Are you looking for something that will be unique and classy on your friend’s birthday? You want your friend’s twenty-second birthday to be the birthday that everyone will remember and she will feel even more special on her special day. You want your friend’s big day to be important and enjoyable. Your friend is very important to you and you are ready to give her a pleasant birthday. You have arranged everything from the birthday balloons for the birthday cake. Everything is ready just as you wanted. But you still can’t find a Photo booth rental.

But you still feel that you are lacking something. You take an overall round of what you have done. You have ordered her favorite birthday cake from the place that she likes and has arranged the best birthday décor that consists of pretty and beautiful and white and pink flowers. The theme of the birthday is games. So you have tried to do everything as you can. You have selected the best present for her that she is going to fall in love with. A beautiful pearl necklace. But what you think is lacking are the things around. You see a space in the area that you want to fill.

So, what you need to do to fill up that space is to rent a photo booth for the party. The photo booth will be a unique and new idea for a birthday party. Not only your friend will love it but all the people attending the party will like it too. Everyone likes to take pictures so get your best pictures with the photo booth present in the area.

5 photo booth ideas for your party:

Magic mirror photo booth:

You can also hire a company that will give you the magic mirror photo booth. The will create prompts for you that when you will get in front of the mirror the mirror will get you in different hats and funny wigs. You can also select different prompts from the mirror. The company provides this service for as much time as you want. You can get this from 90mins to 4 hours. If you want to take your photo with you then you can just attach the USB with the mirror and you will get all the pictures of yourself. You can also delete the pictures if you want.

Gold Sequins Backdrop:

While taking a photo everyone tries to get the best background or frame. But what if there are many people around and you can’t find a good background for your shimmery photo. What you need to do is get a Gold sequence backdrop photo booth for your party. Just imagine a beautiful large foam board with thousands of small shiny sequins. This will be an extraordinary backdrop and also will be loved by your guests.

Lights drop for your photo booth:

Good lighting is everything for a picture. If you have some good lighting around you or you know how to capture the lightning within your frame. Well, you got an amazing picture. A picture that is going to look good with your aesthetic sense and style. These types of photo booths are mostly for weddings or school prom parties

Tinsel backdrop Photobooth:

Are you having some problems with creating a photo booth for your party? You want to keep in simple yet nice and all shiny and want to keep the booth center of attention so that everyone enjoys their time and there are no people present that don’t take a picture there. You can create that easily, just get the several foil-door curtains and create a tinsel backdrop to get a dazzling photo booth for your party.

Heart backdrop:

Just make the heart backdrop with different things. You can use crepe paper or chart paper. You can also use regular chicken wire to adjust the different materials. This backdrop will look so good at your party that everyone will fall in love with it.

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