Travel and food are taking top places on the to-do lists of the millennials. Traveling for experiences and food as an experience –this dictum seems to drive a lot of youngsters around the globe. This has, in turn, led to a boom of gastronomic travel bloggers that record their experiences for public views.

If you are also a globe-trotter that wants to live to the nine’s without taking a stop, then you are in for a lovely reading experience today. We are going to outline the top places to eat mouth-watering pizzas in the world. But, before we begin, let us clarify something.

Pizza is one food item that has cosmopolitan lovers and is the most prominent food option for the vegetarians traveling outside India. Pizza is readily available in almost all countries because of the big brand franchises. Having the same brand outlets all over the world also allows travelers to use deals and offers such as Pizza Hut Discount Coupons. This way, they can save expenses on food while traveling.

Well, enough of the introduction. Let us get started with our list of top places to eat the best pizzas around the globe!

  1. Naples

Located in the sunny little country of Italy, Naples is also called the ‘City of Pizzas’. The city is still home to some of the classic and traditional wood-fired ovens where hand-tossed pizzas are made traditionally. Via dei Tribunali is one of the most famous tourist attractions here for an amazing gastronomic experience. You can eat some of the best pizzas of your life here. Made with homemade cheese and olive oil, the pizza crust will leave an excellent aftertaste in your mouth.

You can also enjoy various traditional Italian dips and sauces to add more flavor to your pizza!

  • California

You might be surprised to know that the Americas have a long and vital history when it comes to Pizzas. As a result of this, Americans eat Pizzas as breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. So, if you are touring California, you can grab the best pizzas in LA. There are various American and Italian restaurants here offering a unique Pizza experience in terms of recipes and taste.

Offering an upscale dining experience to humble bistros with open seating and delightful pizzas, LA will give you some flavors to cherish for a lifetime.

  • New York

New York – the city that never sleeps and a city that is fragrant with lip-smacking pizza recipes. New York is a mandatory stop of every visitor exploring the US. Though there are lots of brand stores delivering pizzas at home and offering in-house dining, Paulie Gee in Brooklyn offers the best experience. The pizzeria is famous among the locals and the tourists and has a large number of options to choose from. You can also find vegan pizzas here.

If the travel is not on the charts, worry not, just grab some Pizza Hut Discount Coupons and order a pizza now! After all, life is short, America is far, and Pizza is something no one can say NO to (just for laughs).

  • Rome

Monteverde – You have to reach this place via a taxi to taste some of the best pizzas in the world. Rome is world-famous for its love for rich, indulgent and tasty foods since the dawn of civilization. The royals and elites used to organize grand feasts that were highly indulgent in ancient Rome.

Well, though we cannot have a taste of those famous feasts, we can certainly enjoy the delicious pizzas Rome serves these days. In Monteverde, you can find many amazing places offering experimental recipes, traditional recipes, and modern recipes. So, the choice is yours!

  • Singapore

Take a U-turn from the West and move towards the East of the globe now. Singapore is another famous tourist attraction that offers some of the most delicious cuisines, including pizzas. Southeast Asian cuisine is known for its love of seafood. So, don’t be surprised if you find some unique seafood pizzas here. Egg pizzas with a distinct hint of Southeast Asian spices and sauces are a big hit here.

Don’t worry! Vegetarian pizzas and pizza franchises are available here as well.

  • Goa

We bet that you didn’t expect that, right? Well, Goa is a place that enjoyed the intermingling of many different cultures and civilizations. English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, and Hindu – the place is a great cultural seat in our country. This is why it is famous for offering some of the most delectable culinary delights, including Pizzas. There are many ex-pats living here and serving authentic Italian preparations to the locals and visitors. Benaulim is the place that has the best pizzerias.

  • Copenhagen

‘Learn to eat and being merry from the Danish’ – this saying is not for nothing. Danish people have a huge history of cheese and bread making, and the country offers a lovely culinary experience. Copenhagen is the most popular tourist place here that serves its own distinct pizza recipes. The chefs make their own cheese, bread, and grow their ingredients. Don’t forget to try the local Danish brews with the pizza.

  • Mauritius

Nothing can beat the joy of eating your favorite food with the love of your life. Mauritius is a famous honeymoon destination that is also famous for housing the best pizzerias. Grand Baei has some of the best pasta and pizza restaurants that you can visit for eating the best pizzas. You can also plan a lovely pizza day-trip or pizza date with your loved one.

So, this completes our list of the top places to eat the best pizzas in the world. We are sure that you might be craving a hot pizza by now. So, take your pick of the Pizzas and order your favorite combo now!
Keep eating, keep traveling and keep enjoying. For, as the famous kids’ rhyme goes – Life is but a dream!

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