The main purpose we use a drone motor is to make the drone fly. The motor is the main and most essential part of the drone. Without it the drone is not functional. The drone stays in midair with the help of motor. All the movement of the drone is possible because of the motor

Motor movement:

There are 6 possible ways motors can be attached to a drone

  1. Tri-copter:

 In this type of drone three motors are attached and one of them in the clockwise direction while the other two are in the anti-clockwise direction the sequence can also be inversed

2. Quad Copter-X:

In this type of drones 4 motors are attached to the body. The corresponding motors work in the opposite direction. If the first motor is working in a clockwise direction then the one next to it will be working in an anti-clockwise direction. This is to balance out the effect of motors working in the opposite direction.

3. Quad copter-plus:

 In this type of drone, the motors are fixed in and cross manner unlike in the quadcopter-x which are assembled in the shape of a square. It also works on the same principle one motor in clockwise and the other in anti-clockwise. Read more here.

4. Hexa-X:

In this type of drone there 6 motors attached in a hexagon manner with two motors in the northward direction. The same principle is applied here with clockwise and anti-clockwise motors working simultaneously.

5. Hexa-plus:

This drone is as same as the Hexa-x only there is a change in the arrangement of the motors the only difference is that there is one motor in the northward direction as compared to the Hexa-x which has two. It also works on the same principle as the above.

6. Octo-X:

In this type of drone 8 motors are attached to the body. They are arranged in the octagon manner with 4 motors working in the clockwise direction while 4 motors working the anti-clockwise direction.

Function of a motor:

The flight is the main purpose of the motor, because of the motor the drone can fly in any direction possible whether it be forward, backward, upward or downward. The spinning of the propeller son the motor is what causes the drone to rise in the air which is known as propulsion. The spinning of the propellers pushes the air downward which causes the drone to levitate in the air

The motor is what makes the drone stable and has a smooth flight cause if there is no proper rotation of the propellers attached to the motor then there won’t be any stable flight pattern.

Also, the power of the motor can easily be controlled by a remote control which also controls the movement of the propellers. If there was any other machine to be used instead of a motor the drones wouldn’t have such smooth and regular flight patterns. They wouldn’t be able to perform aerobatic stunts in midair or achieve high altitude for aerial photography.

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