If you have the same questions as above, and cannot figure out the difference between the two, here are five not-to-forget facts that distinguish editing and proofreading.

Editing and proofreading are two different actions in preparing written documents. Both of the processes are conducted after the writing part is done. There are a lot of online editing and proofreading tools that have made the tasks easier for students and authors. However, these are automated tools that never explain the processes, instead offer you a readymade, thoroughly edited, and proofread solution. The details and differences are mentioned in the following section.

1. Conducted In Different Phases

Editing and proofreading are conducted at two different stages. Editing starts from the first draft and continues throughout the process of assignment writing. On the contrary, the proofreading of a document is undertaken at the very end of the writing process.

2. Writing Errors

Removing the stylistic errors, repetitions and ambiguous words, inconsistent and illogical flow of words, misinterpretations of subject-related facts, are part of the editing job. The proofreader assures that a document only incorporates high-quality language, no spelling mistakes, no inconsistencies, and other formatting errors in the document.

3.Time Consumption

Editing usually takes a longer time to complete and often involves word count deduction. As it addresses the core features of writing, a throughout collaboration between the writer and editor helps in improving the quality of the write-up.

On the contrary, proofreading takes lesser time to complete, does not deduct word count, and also not involves the writer much. The fundamentals of proofreading, e.g. formatting errors, and grammatical inconsistencies, can be taken care of without the writer being involved in the process.

When Do You Need Editing And Proofreading Services

Those feel that their document is free of all structuring and language errors should opt for proofreading services. On the other hand, when you seek help from a professional editing team, you want to polish the document all over. It improves readability, clarity, flow.

There are particular styles for editing academic, web- content, and fiction write-ups. Editing and proofreading ensure with improving the quality of writing, editing also takes care of the writing conventions that a document should follow.

There is a lot of online editing and proofreading services present. Of these, some specialize in editing, some on proofreading. An editing service often provides proofreading services, but proofreaders deny supporting with any editing assistance. However, one is incomplete without the other.

Author bio: Alley John is visiting faculty for a notable university in Australia. The author has acquired his Ph.D. in accounting from the Federation University. He has been a part of many academic seminars and conventions. He is also serving as an expert on essay writing help.

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