This world is nowadays living under the terror of Coronavirus which is also known as COVID-19. The birthplace of this deadly virus in China and it was later found that it was originated from the seafood market originally. The fear of this virus has shook hearts and heads all over the world.

Is the health only aspect that Coronavirus is affecting? Truly say, No! It has disturbed all the factors in which human species are involved. The major industry that has faced downfall due to Corona is the Travel and Tourism industry. Leave the thought of traveling from one country to another; people are fearing to put their foot out of their place. Actually, it is quite a reasonable move that countries have stopped the transportation of goods and people as with this the virus might spread to other corners of the planet. But looking at the other side of the coin, we can witness public places, hotels, monuments, and transports without the presence of the human race.

All the airlines have canceled their flights or reduced a significant number of flights.

So, it is clear that this infectious disease has impacted the global business, mainly the tourism industry that adds in 10.4 percent of GDP of the world and 10% of global employment. Nothing has been this dangerous to the world’s economy so far.

The place where one or two heads can be seen, usually covered with warning and advisories related to Coronavirus. From agriculture to fishing every sector is nearly affected by the loss and thus the entire product and service chain which end on Tourism is distressed.

No study has still found the how long this virus is going to stay in the air, but one thing is sure that the recovery of the loss it has caused will take a long time as it has not affected the economy of the nation but has hampered the entire world’s economy and growth.  But the Indian e-Visa cancelation will lead to economic loss to the Indian govt.

However, it is said that India is largely on the safer side due to weather conditions and lifestyles. But it is not completely shielded as few cases have found. The Indian tourism sector is suffering from a great loss due to the spike in the cases of Coronavirus, but many health experts have pronounced Indian at a safer side than the other parts of the country. Tourism of India will get into a better condition with the arrival of summer as the studies have claimed that viruses cannot survive on higher temperatures, this can be a myth that it will completely demolish the existence of virus but it will surely decrease the risk of Corona in the country.

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