uPVC doors have become one of the most popular choices among homeowners all across the globe. Many people prefer uPVC doors for their amazing benefits over steel and wooden doors.

But despite all the advantages, uPVC doors also bear some common problems that often trouble homeowners. Don’t panic, as these problems are curable and can be fixed with some simple measures. Here are the common issues related to uPVC doors, along with security solutions to fix them:

uPVC door handles often become hard to twist:

Over time, the handles of uPVC doors are likely to become stiff and hard to turn. Hence, you have to apply extra pressure to open these doors. It happens due to the incompetence caused by a multi-lock point on a door. However, with the help of a professional technician, you can quickly repair or replace these locks to ward off the problem. Besides, uPVC companies advise customers to uses locks gently to avoid such a situation.

uPVC doors won’t lock at times:

If you don’t get stiff handle fixed, it may make your door handle go up, but the key won’t work. In short, your door will not lock. When handle quickly spins 360-degrees, and your door remains shut, it’s time to consult an expert locksmith near you. This problem usually arises due to rough handling of the doors that put high pressure on the mechanical system. Therefore, the spindle at the lockbox is affected. The solution to this problem is that you should change the lock system of the spindle of a lockbox.

uPVC doors expand and contract due to changing weather:

The problem with the expansion and contraction of uPVC doors due to changing climate is that it changes the density of the door edges. It further leads to heaviness and hence, the door rubs against the door frame and flooring. The solution to this issue is to invest in lifts and slide doors in India or realign/readjust your door or its hinges to the door’s current size.

Locking you out:

Well, this problem is not confined to uPVC doors, as people tend to misplace house keys. Instead of trying to force the lock to open, it’s best to contact a locksmith to drill the lock, remove its lock cylinder and open your door. After that, your locksmith will replace the barrel to ensure there’s no problem with your new locking system.

uPVC door’s locking mechanism stops working:

With constant wear and tear, the handle of the door becomes loose, and the lock gets fragile. When this happens, your locking mechanism will stop working firmly. The solution to this issue, however, is to change the entire system.

Key gets jammed into the lock:

When your key is stuck in a lock or stops working from one side, never try to pull the key forcefully. Instead, call a locksmith to help you with your problem. Your locksmith will remove the lock cylinder to ensure either key or the entire cylinder comes out. uPVC manufacturers also sell lock cylinders separately for easy replacements, so there is no need to worry about this situation.

As you have discovered the main problems with uPVC doors and their solutions, you can efficiently deal with these situations patiently.

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