What is a Visual CV?

If you google the word Visual CV you will find a website by the name of visual CV. If you type “what is Visual CV” you will find links telling you the benefits of a visual CV.

So we have taken the liberty to properly explain to you what visual CV is and what its benefits are in the digital decade.

Visual CV s just like when people use to build their personal websites to attract head hunters. But the excessive options that come with a personal website are pretty much useless. Visual CV, however, is like a dedicated link for your online CV.

Just like a website that but without excessive options and much better.

How Do I make one?

Well, you don’t have to be a master programmer to make your own visual CV. Nor you need website building tools like Wix and WordPress. All you need to do is find visualCV’s website and follow along with the process of creating one. In the end, you will be allotted a link that would lead directly to your CV and you’ll be on google search results as well.

The digital world and digital CV

Digitalization is like the new industrial revolution that is changing everything in its path. Since finding information is as easy as finding your nose on your face. People are moving more and more things on the internet to create visibility.

Human resource departments nowadays have head hunters who roam around the vast open land of the internet in quest of finding the best one for their adventures. Okay, in English it means head hunters are people from an organization that looks for potential candidates and gives them a job offer.

It’s like the job is looking for you rather than you looking for a job. But for that, you need a good digital presence to be noticed. You can be a YouTuber or an Instagram model but chances are that serious organizations that are looking for professionals behind the desk job won’t target you.

1.   The new LinkedIn for professionals!

If you thinking LinkedIn was enough you were more wrong than the man who said that people don’t need a computer in their house (We don’t remember his name). Enter the game-changer “Visual CV”

You can add a creative touch to your CV with this online tool because it gives you the freedom to apply background as well as other creative features. This can be very very helpful for digital marketers and graphic designers as this gives full authority to show your creative potential.

2.   No more one size fits all

We all know that it’s necessary to have multiple types of CVs in today’s world. This is because every job requires a different set of skills and if you have a separate set of skills, you should make a separate CV for it. This makes it easier for organizations to see if you are the best solution for their problem.

Making a visual CV helps you out with its multiple CV options but wait a minute… I was already doing that for free on my computer why would I pay for this?

Let’s take you back to the website design example, remember we use to make a personal website back in the days to increase internet awareness? Well, the website limits us to only one set of skills per web. Visual CVs enable you to have more than one CV and each new CV has its own dedicated link.

3.   View and download rate!

One of the worst feelings is to send your CV and be unaware of whether your CV was opened or even viewed. It would be so much easier for us if we knew whether our CV is at fault or what parts of our CV are less interesting.

Well, this and much more is possible with digital CVs now. Since they provide you with a dedicated URL, it keeps a track of how many people have viewed your CV and how many have downloaded it. If you see a large gap between the view and download rate. It would mean that your CV is weak.

4.   The traditional Approach

If you value traditions and still think that sending an email with your CV attached to it would make the receiver open it go for multiple download options. You can easily download your CV in PDF format or send it via email directly.


Do I have to Re-write my entire CV?

Absolutely not! The best part of digital CV’s is that you have access to multiple templates. There are many CV writing services as well that offer to write one for you but it’s entirely your choice, Whether you like a professional with extensive experience to write one for you or you want to give it a go yourself.

That’s how visual CVs look like.


Looking for something Modern?

Something a bit creative perhaps?

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Dr. Adrish is a Ph.D. in actuarial sciences from Glasgow University. Dr. Ardish has expertise in academic consultancy and provides impeccable CV writing services online. You can easily avail of all the services from Dr. Adrish.

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