Apple is known for providing high-end display screens on its products. Therefore, if you own an iPhone or a MacBook you must be aware of the advanced display technology that these devices are bundled with. Apple did not introduce a standalone display for quite some time.

The previous display that Apple launched was Thunderbolt which had been stopped in 2016. However, after a long wait, Apple announced the release of the Pro Display XDR with the launch of the new MacBook pro. So, if you have been waiting for the release of a new display from Apple, then your wait is over.

Interestingly, Apple is quite confident with its new display. Moreover, they have even gone to the extent of calling it to be the ‘world’s best pro display’.

Details About the Apple Pro Display XDR:

The new Apple Pro Display XDR has a lot to offer. This, brand new display from Apple is a massive 32 inches 6K LCD screen. This display technology comes with an amazing brightness of 1600 nits. Out of this, 1000 nits of brightness is provided by a dimming backlight. This specialized full-array backlight consists of 576 blue LEDs.

The 6K resolution on the Apple Pro Display XDR comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. This resolution will then help you a lot if you opt for editing 6K videos or photoshopping images that are 25 megapixels or larger than that. Hence, if you need to work on an extremely detailed image the 6K resolution screen will be quite helpful. However, such high resolution can trigger various hardware compatibility issues.

This new display is highly compatible with true 10-bit colour along with the DCI-P3 colour gamut. According to Apple, the Pro Display XDR can easily achieve the million-to-one contrast ratio. This is because of the new display that comes with some highly advanced test patterns.

Apple dedicated a lot of time for the launch event of the Pro Display XDR. Moreover, they also went to the extent of comparing this new display with Sony’s OLED display. Sony uses this technology widely advanced colour-grading purpose on its TV sets. Therefore, it is interesting to note that Apple is drawing comparisons with a display that costs around $43,000.

What’s on the Outside?

If you are interested to know what’s on the outside of the new display from Apple, then be ready to get surprised. This is because you can find many new additions on the outside. But, there are certain things that are missing.

Then, you will find a series of cooling vents located on the outside of the Pro Display XDR. These cooling vents come with an interesting pattern. The cooling vents look like a series of alien heads that been overlapped on one other. This makes the appearance of the rear end of the Pro Display XDR highly futuristic. Hence, you won’t find any other display that looks such amazingly unique from behind as this one does.

Also, you can find four USB-C connections on the back portion of this display. Out of them, you will find that one of the connectors is marked with a lightning icon. This is the Thunderbolt 3 port. However, the rest of the three USB-C connectors run at different speeds. The functioning speed of these USB-C connectors will vary on the type of device that you use.

In most of the Macs, these connectors can run at USB 2 speeds. However, the MacBook Pro devices can easily operate these connectors at USB 3 speed. This is because the MacBook Pro devices come with an advanced Display Steam Compression technology.

What’s Missing?

However, there are certain things that you would find missing on the exterior of the Pro Display XDR. Therefore, you won’t be able to find any buttons at all on the back of this display. This is because almost everything about this display is controlled by specific software. Moreover, the dedicated software for managing all the operations on a Pro Display XDR is macOS Catalina 10. 15.2.

According to Apple, you can connect this display to a Windows or Linux device. However, the display will work only if the other devices support the DisplayPort.

How to Configure the Pro Display XDR?

You must have been wondering by now how you can configure the Pro Display XDR. Contrary to what many think, configuring the new display is a bit complicated. According to Apple, the display is actually set to a particular profile. This profile then allows the Pro Display XDR to provide a brightness of 1,600 nits. But, the only drawback is that it is not entirely colour-accurate.

This profile is highly suitable for home and office use as you can face variable light conditions in these environments. Interestingly, this display is equipped with two highly effective sensors. These sensors calculate the ambient light and allow the display to adjust the brightness and colour.

However, if you wish to view your work on a non-XDR display then you can simply use the ‘Apple Display’ option. This display option will limit the brightness to 500 nits and keep all the relevant sensors active. In case you want to work on HDR applications, you can set the display to a more colour-accurate mode. This mode allows a brightness of 100 nits which you can extend only up to 1,000 nits.

How Much Will it Cost You?

This brand new Pro Display XDR comes with a price tag of $4,999. However, you also need to pay an additional $999 for the stand. This stand is of course optional. So, spend $6,000 in total for this new display.

Apple has all along stressed the fact that the Pro Display XDR costs much less than Sony’s OLED display technology that costs around $43,000.

To sum up, this new display technology is not entirely immune to physical or technical damages. In case the display gets damaged you have to go for Pro Display XDR screen replacement. You might need to look for screen replacement services along with screen repairing services for the Pro Display XDR.

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