Whether you’re considering surrogacy to grow your family or are a potential surrogate mother, choosing to work with an international surrogacy agency has many benefits.

But before you commit yourself to an international surrogacy process, there are some important things you must know. You must understand the process and legal formalities involved completely before signing up with an international surrogacy center.

Overview of International surrogacy

Laws related to surrogacy in the United States are well-regulated to facilitate surrogacy for both intended parents and a prospective surrogate. In the U.S., most of the states allow compensated surrogacy. The surrogate is considered worthy to receive her due financial reimbursement. Outside the U.S., many countries deprive surrogates of this basic ethical right.

Apart from surrogate compensation, you must also take into account, factors like – laws related to homosexual and single parent surrogacy.

If you currently live in the U.S., domestic surrogacy i.e. getting services from a US-based surrogacy agency will be more beneficial for you.

For those outside the U.S., international surrogacy involving an international surrogacy center located in the U.S. is a better choice. We’ll talk more about its benefits in the coming sections.

Intended parents living outside of the U.S

If you live outside the U.S. and considering surrogacy, choosing an international surrogacy center will be the right choice.

Why? Because surrogacy is regulated in the State as compared to any other country. Many surrogacy professionals have created specific programs to connect international parents with American surrogates, who are more than happy to help them take their first step towards parenthood.

The international surrogacy process is similar to any domestic surrogacy process – you’ll have to go through screening, matching, embryo creation, transfer, and meet doctor appointments. The surrogacy laws in the U.S. are very favorable for both surrogates and the intended parents. When you choose an international surrogacy center, you can rest assured that the process will be safe, ethical, and legal.

To make things easier, the surrogacy professionals can also recommend surrogacy attorneys for you. They can take care of the legal formalities related before and after the birth of the child. Your surrogacy agency will also be there with you at every step of the way to manage communication between you and your surrogate, despite the language and time barriers.

With newer technologies, communication is no longer a barrier to pursuing international surrogacy.

When you work with an American Surrogate, you don’t need to worry about her financial compensation and why she chose to become a surrogate. In many other countries, surrogate compensation is a very debatable matter. Some critics believe that surrogacy is an escape from poverty for poor and uneducated women, who just seek surrogacy to get rid of their financial issues. This can lead to restriction of surrogacy in some countries. In the U.S., the surrogate chooses surrogacy not just for financial gain but to help intended parents. This can be due to the stable economic condition of the country.

Benefits of choosing an International surrogacy center

The United States is considered to be an ideal destination for pursuing international surrogacy due to favorable surrogacy laws and better compensation for the surrogates.

By choosing to work with an international surrogacy agency, you can commit to a simple and fuss-free surrogacy process.

As part of the law, any child born in the U.S. can apply for U.S. citizenship. If your child is born in the U.S. through surrogacy, your baby is entitled to receive a birth certificate and a U.S passport. You can ask your surrogacy lawyer or agency to know more about this.

International surrogacy agencies follow strict guidelines for women who show interest in becoming a gestational carrier. They are screened physically, psychologically, and emotionally to ensure that they are ready for the process. A proper background check is also conducted to ensure that the surrogate is living in a safe and calm locality.

You can expect on-time support and guidance from your international surrogacy center based in the U.S. To conclude, for those who live within the U.S., domestic surrogacy is a better option as the state is well-equipped with expert surrogacy professionals. For those who live outside the U.S., choosing to work with a U.S. based international surrogacy agency is the best choice.

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