Hoverboard self-balancing scooter provides more fun for its’ new feature of robust Bluetooth application as you can control all the activities from your smartphone.

With these Bluetooth applications, you can move your hoverboard in both forward and backward directions with many other features. You just need to pair your hoverboards with any of the Bluetooth application mentioned below to enjoy the super fun experience of balancing speed and other features.

Top 5 Hoverboard Bluetooth Apps

There are many Bluetooth applications in the market but I have chosen the best 5 hoverboard Bluetooth apps for you. These Hoverboard Bluetooth Apps come with many flexible control features for everyone. You just need to match up your Hoverboard or Segway with these nice Bluetooth applications mentioned below to enhance your comfort and control your speed and many more.

Tao Tao App

I choose to place this application on the top of the list because the Tao Tao App is compatible with all the devices. If you want to run Segway Boards with Bluetooth or Hoverboard, this app can monitor, balance and keep a record of tracked data for you. The features include controlling speed, battery distance, the sensitivity of the steering etc. By using the application, the experience with Hoverboard with Remote and Bluetooth becomes cools as you can take many challenges via this app like 30 seconds challenge, total distance covered challenge per week.

 JC hoverboard app

JC hoverboard application has robust features that run flawlessly on both androids as well as iOS. JC hoverboard app features can allow you to screen real-time view, speed/per hour, battery status. Furthermore, controlling Hoverboard with Remote and Bluetooth becomes easier with the application as you can set automatic calibration, switch the mode, tweak the parameter setting. The app also comes with the feature of setting the speed limit. You can update the JC hoverboard app automatically to use the updated version easily.

Mozzie App

I always place Mozzie App in top 5 Hoverboard Bluetooth Apps for its’ several cool features. This app is specifically designed for improving the overall experience of Mozzie Hoverboard riding. Beside features of monitoring speed and distance calculation, this app also allows you to check the motor temperature and battery check option. You also can control the board sensitivity by the balance slider option in this Hoverboard Bluetooth App.


You can control your Segway Boards with Bluetooth by the Segway-Ninebot application. You can make your Segway connected by acquiring accurate vehicle data and info. You can control speed, sensitivity, the light of your vehicle through the application. The fun part of controlling this Segway Boards with Bluetooth is enhanced riders’ interaction. You can see your daily ranking and follow the master skills of other riders.

   Hoverboard I Application

The Hoverboard I application is made for smooth riding in the Hoverboard I scooter. Hoverboard with Remote and Bluetooth, this application displays the motor temperature and speed with power used.  Furthermore, the reason for placing this application in the list of Hoverboard Bluetooth applications because it can control the vehicle’s power along with steering power and sensitivity control. After connecting to the Hoverboard I application, a rider can keep a record of the vehicle’s driving trajectory instantaneously.

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