Communication is essential to keep up good relationships with customers, clients, and business partners. But, it can be possible if a business has a secure and reliable communication network, so people can communicate in real-time without physically involved in face-to-face meetings. As you know, the telephone has become the centerpiece of communication. But, relying on out-dated technologies could hinder the efficiency of your organizations’ processes. It can lead to retarded decision making, high cost for communication, and low productivity.

So, what you have to do in such cases? How you have to facilitate the infrastructure of your organization?

On this account, unified communication (UC) plays a vital role that allows your organization to complete tasks with ease and minimal context switches within a single user interface. With the availability of such technology, users can also engage in more productive meetings and better management of daily communications. By committing to UC, businesses will tremendously develop both their internal and external channels of communication. For example, spending on Avaya aura communication manager services can streamline your business operation and maximize efficiency.

What is Unified Communication (UC)?

Unified communication refers to a phone system that combines voice and video, instant messaging and rich presence as the next generation of office communications systems. A UC integrates or merges various means of communication (such as calls, chat, email, and more) under one system. With UC solutions, employees can make a one-on-one call, conference with multiple people, message someone instantly, and view all of your work contacts on the same platform. It makes the conversation faster and easier to get work done, which eliminates the need for multiple channels. UC usually offers multi-way conferencing, the ability to collaborate, and integration with other tools.

However, let’s have a look at the following ways of how unified communications are important for a business.

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Importance of Unified Communication for Business

  • Improve Productivity and Scalability
  • Better Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Provide Secure Solution
  • Easily Manageable and Efficient
  • Business Agility and Expansion
  • Reduce Costs
  • Fully Flexible

Bottom Line

Importance of Unified Communication for Business

Improve Productivity and Scalability

Unified communications create a comfortable environment for employees and allow them to connect with their clients and customers. The easier it will be for employees to communicate, the more productive they are. When your business indulges with UC applications, an individual employee will collectively save lots of time. As employees spend less time switching between communications channels, they have more time to focus on business operations. As a result, employee productivity will improve across the board at the company.

Therefore, adopting a UC program can increase the productivity of teams as it empowers them to cooperate more closely. Multiple team members can operate on one document concurrently, sharing ideas, and adding comments, which means less time is wasted.

Better Collaboration and Teamwork

Why did businesses switch to UC in the first place? One of the best reasons for this is to improve internal communication. This internal communication can improve teamwork and collaboration across different departments in businesses. By interfacing two different unified communication servers or IP phone users with the main server, you allow your employees to collaborate and communicate efficiently. Nowadays, the UC platform enables you to host a video, web, or telephone conference through one platform. For example, the Avaya unified communications manager is the crucial component of Avaya Aura, which delivers rich voice and video capabilities. It can remotely handle, connect, and share ideas or concepts in real-time.

Therefore, if a business equipped with unified communications, then it can easily allow employees to work in various locations, remotely or at home in order to interact easily across all devices.

Provide Secure Solution

UC turns the audio signal into digital ones, which means it makes all your calls through an encrypted internet connection. It can significantly increase security to your business communications system. This applies to phone calls, emails, and text messages. With the availability of superior reliability, it can create performance redundancies that protect against downtime. Nowadays, business requires a high level of security and reliability while dealing with personal and sensitive information. In this, a unified communication platform guarantees that all of this information is safe and secure.

Easily Manageable and Efficient

This solution equips you with a single and integrated platform that connects your desktop computers, mobile phones, phone system, and your entire business staff into a single unit.  It streamlines everything into one single system so employees can connect across all devices. In addition, the call optimization features allow employees to have all contact information in one place, which is easy to access. This will enable employees to focus on their tasks and easily communicate with clients and customers, making things run more efficiently. By eliminating the need for traditional on-site servers, the cloud-based features of UC also free up space for offices. You can easily connect your devices, whether it is a computer, phone, or an app on your smartphone.

Business Agility and Expansion

UC is featured with very latest communication and collaboration tools, which can keep your business up-to-date, and beyond. It will guarantee that you can easily manage your user expectations in this digital communication age. As discussed above, UC can consolidate multiple communications products into one user-friendly interface. When a business adopts such technology like UC, it will expand the brand globally, ensuring a smooth transition. A seamless collaboration feature of UC allows between different global partners to communicate with each other efficiently without any interruption. Thus, implementing UC will give a better means to communicate, which further helps your entire business become more productive.

Reduce Costs

Updating your old Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to a cloud-based phone system allows employees to connect their phones to the company cloud phone system and utilize VoIP to make calls. Various customized packages and piecemeal options enable you to choose the exact capabilities that work for you and your business. Making both landline and mobile calls over the internet reduces costs considerably as you do not have to pay expensive network provider costs. The cloud-based services are inexpensive to install as it does not need expensive hardware to fit on site. The cost of installation, maintenance, and management are highly reasonable. It is a smart financial determination to improve productivity and cut costs at the same time.

Fully Flexible

Another benefit of unified communication is that it provides a fully flexible system. Employees can message and make calls while at home or in transit as quickly. Offering increased flexibility and enabling your employees to work remotely. It can also promote a better work-life balance among your employees. Instant messaging permits your employees to interact with their colleagues freely and discuss projects. Moreover, video conferencing allows employees to hold face-to-face meetings with their colleagues or clients. UC empowers employees to connect their mobile phones into the office phone system, permitting them to answer colleagues, clients, and customer calls.

Bottom Line

The entire organization will improve by making individual employees more productive and collaboration easier. Therefore, investing in a unified communications platform is one of the best business decisions. This will empower all your employees to communicate and collaborate through one system. As a result, it will minimize the risk of miscommunication and deliver more efficient operations. Additionally, businesses will save money in the long-run with UC. So, enabling UC will help your organization achieve effective digital transformation and fill the gaps between your in-office and remote employees.

Author Bio: Lisa Cooper is a Marketing Manager associated with Foxtel – an Australian based telecommunications company that offers Enterprise Cabling Security Solutions and Managed IT services in Brisbane. She loves to write insightful blogs & articles on the security Gadgets and Components of a Telecommunications System.

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