It is very common to have a floor of tiles in our homes and offices. This certainly imparts a clean and mesmerizing look to the living and washrooms. But all of us might have come across an unwanted situation where we see the floor is getting dirty due to the accumulation of dust and mud in between the grout lines. Grout is the joining line between two tiles. The floor marble is joined together with the help of sealing material placed between the grout lines. But most of the time, the sealing of the tile collection in the washrooms gets damaged due to constant contact with water. Is the end of your decorated floor? Is there any possible solution like repairing? Yes, we have a perfect solution for you in the name of Tiles Sealing. If you get this done after every 6 months, you won’t have to go for the replacement of the tiles each time they get damaged.

Assessment Part

The first step is to evaluate the marble plates whether they are up for the treatment or whether mere cleaning would serve the purpose. For this purpose, you have to monitor the grouts closely. Look for the grout lines and determine if there is a need for applying a sealer or not. Most of the time, it gets dirty when the sealer material is leaving its place.

Choice of the Sealer

The next step is a careful and proper selection of the material that you are going to use for its treatment. The best solution for a wet area is a cement filling as it stays intact for longer periods even if it is in contact with the water continuously. Don’t go for epoxy solutions for sealing bathroom tiles as it will not be effective for very long. You can use this for sealing outdoor tiles. The choice of a perfect instrument that will be used for applying the material is also of great importance in order to seal the surface perfectly.

Polishing & Honing

Once you are done with the required process, you must observe the texture of the tile collection present in your house and office. During repairs, you might come across the need for a shiny texture. For this purpose, you need to apply to hone and polishing techniques to the floors. This will give a much attractive, elegant and shiny look to the tiles. They will look as good as the new ones and you can now face your visitors without any embarrassment.

Do you need professionals?

This process we are talking about is not an easy task after all. You need to have a healthy experience in handling such situations. But you need not worry if you are new at this because you can easily find tiles sealing service providers around you. But remember, not everyone who claims to offer the best services is the right choice. You need to choose the professionals for your job after healthy research on the internet. Go for the companies who have ample experience in this domain and claim to complete the job in much lesser time as compared to others. This would help you to get back to your life as quickly as possible. Apart from that, the company you choose for sealing bathroom tiles must be affordable and should be able to provide long-lasting solutions. Experience and rapid working should be your top requirement while searching for professional service providers.

Instructions to Follow

Start with cleaning the affected area before you formally start with the process. Remember you might need multiple layers of coating in order to make it more effective and long-lasting. Start with the initial coat of the sealant. Follow it with careful grouting of the area and after that leave it for a while to dry properly. You must ask some experienced individuals about the time needed for complete drying. Once it gets dried, look for the need of another coat. It is not always necessary to have multiple coats but these are advised if you are dealing with the moist area.

Don’t Seal the Ceramics

Sealing a ceramic surface is not always the best choice. This can be a hot or a miss so we suggest you to avoid it as much as possible. If still, you need to get it repaired, you should always prefer a proper cleaning treatment. Just makes sure to analyze the type of floor you are going to treat and then choose the best available and the most appropriate method.

Bottom Line

To conclude any topic is not the easiest of tasks but it becomes easy when we are dealing with guideline article type. The immense importance here is that you must be giving regular attention to the tiles present on the floor of your house or the working place. If you treat them well on a regular basis, then ultimately its overall life span would be increased. Sealing of the tiles if needed must be completed with careful processes. You must give due attention to the instructions mentioned to you in the above passage. The choice is yours whether you want to complete the treatment on your own or whether you are going to hire professional service providers for this job. Whatever you do, always remember that a clean and tidy floor is all you need to keep the germs, bacteria, and diseases away while giving a beautiful and elegant look to your living and working environment.

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