Website maintenance is an important, regular practice of checking a website for mistakes and issues. Keeping it updated and relevant are other goals of website support and maintenance. Doing this on a consistent basis increases traffic growth and boosts Google rankings. You cannot run your online business smoothly without maintaining a strong online presence and this is not possible without your website.

Steps In Website Maintenance

There is a list of weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks you have to do to run your website smoothly. Some tasks are time-sensitive, such as security updates and patches. Putting these tasks on the backburner can expose your website to an array of cyber threats.

Weekly Tasks

  • Check that all web pages are accessible without errors or warnings
  • Run a backup
  • Update plugins and software
  • Check all forms
  • Get rid of spam comments
  • Check for broken links
  • Find and fix or redirect 404 errors
  • Update blog

Monthly Tasks

  • Check the load speed
  • Review security
  • Analyze website statistics
  • Update articles if needed

Quarterly Tasks

  • Review the design and structure of the website for improvements
  • Check images and graphics to be updated
  • Review and update meta titles and descriptions
  • Test and improve forms, popups, and calls to action
  • Test the website on all browsers and devices
  • Review the workload
  • Review your marketing campaigns

Yearly Tasks

  • Review and update content on all pages
  • Update references to the current year
  • Check and delete inactive email addresses
  • Renew your domain name
  • Update design if needed
  • Review and update top-performing blog posts

Proper Website Maintenance Plan

As your business grows, your website also grows. You have to invest more in website support and maintenance. Failing to do so leads to serious setbacks to the potential growth of your business. It takes awareness and organization to keep your website in good standings with search engines. There are plenty of free and premium tools you can use for the creation and maintenance of your website.

Importance Of Website Maintenance 

You have to handle many business operations and can’t be at the helm of everything. This might not be possible for you to dedicate your time and efforts to all the weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks. Most importantly, you need to access expertise to employ the latest tools and technologies for maintenance. It is not a good idea to ignore your website. So, get help. Here is why website support and maintenance is important.  


You need an audience, clients or customers to sell your business. They should be able to find you on the web. You cannot drive traffic to your website without investing in SEO.

Customer Engagement

It’s your potential customers coming in the form of web traffic. A well-maintained website allows them to find what they are looking for. Don’t leave them ill-informed. You are in a competition.


Websites are always under Google’s radar when it comes to security. Search engines don’t reward websites missing SSL certifications and other security features. Regular maintenance keeps your website security up-to-date against cyber threats.

Corporate Image

You have to create a positive image of your business to stay in the mind of your audience. Regular maintenance makes sure that your website looks professional and well-designed. You can use your website to show that you can deliver on the promise of performance and professionalism.

Your Sanity

As it is an important element of your business, it has to be up-to-date and run without any problems. You cannot fall behind your maintenance schedule.

Trends In Design And Technology

Using the latest trends in technology and design keeps your website on the top. Quickly adopt new website technologies so that your website delivers the best performance.

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