What is spreading faster than coronavirus? T-E-C-H-N-O-L-O-G-Y

From the walk to letterbox towards just an e-mail through the internet our lives are fully blended in technology.

But are we getting the most out of it? Is technology driving us or we are driving it? From a fruit stall business to the giant textile industry. Everything can be improved and is improvising by such innovations in tech.

This is not a traditional world anymore! Everything is digitalized where if it’s a routine task or a start-up plan, we should keep the improvised versions in tech innovations in focus before pursuing anything in this era to succeed.

Technology & Business: What a combination!

There’s one major thing in common between an initially scratched start-up and a fully established business. MARKETING remains the boss!

With the right marketing strategy, anyone can drive sales and make a brand name. you might have quality in your products or services, you might offer discounts, you might be selling at affordable rates but, if all this is not marketed properly, there’s no bounty to it!

There might be a number of essay writers UK need or China is willing to offer, but if I can’t grab this as an opportunity and a challenge, I am not a good marketer.

What is the most needed theme to be adopted in the marketing industry for the present era of tech-driven minds?


Let’s get to it!

1.    AI: Good to Better to Best

Sophia is in town ya’all!

Now that even Sophia is finally a citizen of Saudi Arabia, we all should get our wits together to use AI as smartly as possible.

If you still haven’t realized that 2020 is the year of AI dominance, then you need a wake-up call. It is going to be the heart and mind of the business industry and its future. Not to mention is already taken over many simple jobs.

Let’s not forget we are the makers of Artificial Intelligence. Being wise, we will use AI for our business purposes. But, what will we get?

What are the goals marketers use AI for in the present day?

By a recent survey of market giants we came to know that:

2.    You know Chatbots, Right?

We are social animals, right? We like connections with other humans and like to be heard. This is why social media platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn) are so popular.

Is social media induction enough for relating to our customers? You might want to install a Chatbot on your website. It’s like interacting with your website visitors on their terms.

A chatbot automatically reduces your expense regarding the staffing need for a customer support system. This is automated and cheap!

With continuous improvement with artificial intelligence, the chatbots will improve as well. All you need to do is use this fab idea for your marketing technique.

3.    Familiar with Omni-Channel Marketing?

Omni which is Latin for “all”.

And Omni-channel marketing (in the easiest form) means all your interconnected marketing channels integrated in a smooth way.

Yes, multi-channel marketing was the hyped thing but it didn’t really solve all the consumer-related problems for interacting. Whereas, Omni-channel is the future of marketing.

4.    It’s better to see than read

Is it? For this tech era?

It is! Videos are takings over the market rapidly.

82% of internet traffic (According to Cisco) will be through videos by 2021. But, why wait for 2021 when we can take advantage of it now!

What do we do on our smartphones mostly? Watch videos! If advertisers spend nearly $20 billion on video promotions it will be a smart decision on the marketing perspective.

The reasons why internet traffic is huge on live videos and expected to grow more are:

  • Authenticity
  • It’s quiet Cheap
  • Activates FOMO

A short-clip and millions of dollars. That’s our go-to!

5.    Voice Search is on!

Have you ever asked SIRI to sing you a lullaby?

You know you can.

With the current improvement in voice search engines and mechanisms, we can search for things or asks certain questions or guide a task without actually typing it. What a relief!

Voice commands definitely lead to profits.

  • It’s easier
  • It’s cheaper

16% of Americans 18+ own a smart speaker or around 39 million people. Voice searches are increasing in mobile day by day. The rate of smart speaker popularity is expected to rise much faster than any other type. We can’t ignore the fact that it all started with Amazon’s Echo a few years back and now smart speakers are a regular household item.

Say it, Get it.

We need to provide this to our customers!

6.    AR or VR?

(Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality)


The most popular AR is by IKEA!

It allows you to check the selected furniture in your space through the AR reality app! When IKEA is making billions of dollars through augmented reality, why not you?

8.5 million Downloads of the app! That’s savage. IKEA sure knows how to roll with tech.

This is the time for virtual reality and augmented reality to be used in your marketing tactics. Where people are more driven towards experiencing rather than listening (considering the traditional ways).

The gaming world is befitting the most from VR to gain potential customers.

I’m sure you’ve played it. Now make your own!

Final Thoughts

For your marketing strategies, you simply cannot ignore technology-driven ways of making potential customers and gaining sales. We need a keen focus on innovations in tech and the latest tech-gadget trends to stay in the world of digital marketing as a leader.

Grab the opportunity before it’s too late.

And use it, wisely.

Author’s Bio:

Adam Sheen is an enthusiast and currently working at Best Assignment Writer and provide the best assignment writing service UK as a senior writer with a Ph.D. in accounting from the University of Sheffield. 10 Years of experience in writing and consulting, he also likes to read and travel. One of the tech-gadget lovers.

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