While the modern washroom does provide adequate facilities to the Women employees  – The Key to Preservation of Health is to put in place a system that addresses the areas which are most critical with regards to acquiring infection in the washroom.

Inadequate sanitation and hygiene facilities at the workplace or at a Public Washroom can pose a serious threat with regards to acquired infection.  A working female spends more than 50% of their lifetime at the office & hence maintaining Hygiene Security at the Office Restroom becomes a very critical responsibility for All Administration leads.

Also – Providing the right facilities and creating the right environment can make the female staff feel valued – Today – This could be one of the factors with respect to Employee Retention or Attrition – Every Organization realizes the cost of Attrition is far higher OR The benefits of Employee Retention are Far Greater than the cost of Ensuring Hygiene Security at the WorkPlace/Washroom.

What you can do as an employer/facility manager?

Provide Women Friendly Washroom-

  • Provide Clean and private toilets with water and soap available

Other products that can make the washroom more female-friendly includes-

  • Paper Consumables (Toilet Roll – At Hygienetech – We have come up with a novel presentation to reduce up to 20% expenses on Toilet Rolls)
  • Clean Toilet Seat (Hygienetech’s offering – SaniSeat ensures that the employee gets to use a Fresh & New Toilet Seat every single time – What more – This is cheaper than using a Toilet Roll to Clean the Toilet Seat)
  • Good HandWash Facility (Hygienetech Offers multiple Options to choose from – Multiple Formats & Largest Range of Fragrances with Attractive Dispensers on Free To Use Basis)
  • Hand Drying Consumables (Hand Towels – Once Again Hygienetech Offers the LARGEST Range of Paper Products to Choose From, & This comes with Free To Use Attractive Dispensers)
  • Hand Sanitizers (Hygienetech Offers At Least Two Distinctly Different Types of Hand Sanitizers With Multitude of Options to Dispense the Sanitizer viz. Drop/Spray/Top Up/Pouch Based)

Provide Sanitary Bins

One of the most important facilities which need to be provided in the Female Washroom is A Sanitary Receptacle Bin for Scientific Disposal of Used Sanitary Pads – In today’s time – it is inconceivable to imagine the problems faced by the Female Colleagues with respect to Disposal of Sanitary Pads in absence of a Professional Sanitary Bin.

Hygienetech offers the largest variety of options for the Sanitary Receptacle Bins to choose from.  Hygienetech offers Pedal Operated Receptacle Bins in different sizes, Sensor Operated Bins for the Executive Washrooms As also for the Washrooms specially designed for the Differently-abled, & last but not the least Bio-Bin for Remote Offices/High-Security Zones where provision of Services is generally quite difficult either in terms of distances or in terms of security restrictions.

Introduce Sanitary Vending Machine

The concept of Corner Shops in India is slowly on the vane – Specially since the Offices have transformed to Mega Office Zones & Emergencies could be quite embarrassing.

Workplaces that provide feminine care products would just make them more comfortable & Feel taken care of and secure allowing them to focus on the work at hand.

Sensitization –

It is vital that men are aware of the way in which women can be impacted by their menstrual cycle, and how it can affect their work. 

Male staff should be sensitized so that women do not hesitate in asking for time-off or if they have to work from home.

This Women’s Day, Gift your female staff a female-friendly hygienic washroom, as it is an important step for women’s wellbeing in the workplace

We at Hygienetech can help you create a positive and hygienic washroom environment for your female staff. For more information, contact us.

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