Outfit repeating is something that even dead fancy people would never be seen doing — the same that goes with getting a bus charter or watching too much TV. Instead of enjoying the benefits of a minimalist fashion, these people buy into the lie that more is always better. And because they do, fancy people and even the not-so-fancy ones accumulate more and more clothing that varies in different seasons.  

While owning more puts you in advantage in some cases; sometimes, having fewer staff to pile your closet can also bring wonders to your daily life. Have you ever stopped for one second to ask yourself, “How many clothes should I own?”. We all find joy in having too much wardrobe and we couldn’t agree more about that. But with all these clothes aplenty, you must also ask yourself, “Do I really need to wear all these?”.

Once you’ve asked yourself those questions, you might as well start considering how your life would be if you kept fewer clothes in your closet.    

Mornings would present less stress.

Some people, especially women, face the struggle of finding the right clothes to wear almost every day. Spending minutes and even hours deciding on what to wear can greatly affect a person’s mood and morning routine. Let’s say you have tons of clothes sitting in your closet, waiting for you to pick them up but there’s literally nothing to wear. So, you start asking yourself, “I shop so much but where are all the clothes when I need them?”. 

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Owning fewer clothes, on the other hand, gives you limited options, which makes choosing a bit easier. This is something that rules out among gentlemen, who are generally known for their minimalist taste in men’s fashion. By living this way, you start having the right clothes in mind, which leaves you free from the stress of a morning struggle.      

Closets would be well-organised.

Decluttering is not an easy task for everyone, especially when we have so many clothes to take out of the closet. And, one of the triggers that happen to most of us when we are under pressure is that it takes us decades to look for the lost shirt we recently bought just because the closet is cluttered with too much unfolded clothes. Otherwise, you would find it easier to organize your closet if you had fewer clothes to keep. With organized closets, no shirt is hard to find.         

Packing would take less time. 

Going on a trip can bring so much fun until packing too much stuff gets in the way. You’ll never find the ease of packing lightly if you keep on owning all these clothes. I used to accumulate clothes until they became massive in number and when you have so many clothes it pains you to leave them when you need to pack your bags for a trip. Having fewer clothes to choose from can help you cope when facing this kind of dilemma. Plus, travel has never been so great when you don’t carry heavy loads.   

Laundry days would be easier.

There are pieces of clothes that require a little extra work to care for. But, you wouldn’t mind washing nice pieces by hand, especially when you have a few of them.   

There would be more disposable income for you.

You spend less by depriving yourself of splurging on clothes that you will only wear once or twice. By focusing on fewer clothes you already own, you are also saving your money and that would be more income that you can spend on more important things. 

You would feel better.

Once you finally decided on owning fewer clothes, you would feel good about yourself and the way you look. Just make sure that the clothes left in your closet are in good shape, easy to look after, fit you well and nicely.

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